11 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Own Salon

11 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Own Salon

Even an idea to start the business in itself is a brave step. Venturing a salon business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Anyone cannot just wake-up in the morning and be the owner of brands like Loreal, Illusion Color Spa or any major salon brand. It takes patience, unbeatable marketing strategies, expert service, comfy Salon Furniture and of course, an unmatched attitude.

To keep up your attitude toward business, we here present the list of mistakes to avoid when starting your own salon business. A small mistake can cripple your business model and can damage your attitude towards the business. So, let’s not waste time and start reading further:

11 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Own Salon

The mistake of overlooking market research

Before investing a fortune into the business, make sure to do homework by studying facts and figures of the industry, location research, the taste of customers, competitor idea, analysis on the profit, and potential of the industry.

Not having clarity about the business plan

To start a business, one needs to have a clear plan, especially in an unpredictable industry like beauty. One should have clarity about financing resources, marketing strategies, sales, types of salon’s services, and lots more. Find some free templates online to get ideas of how a business plan should look like. The blueprint of how to handle daily problems should be included in the plan.

Not caring enough about the location

If you are the one who doesn’t care about the location of your salon, then you are committing the biggest mistake in your entrepreneurial life. Location plays a crucial role in attracting clients. It is so much important that it can either make or break the business. Often people visit the places where they find facilities like a good parking area, access to the main road, central location, and lots more. So, take care of these things while zeroing in on the location.

Not having a professional logo

The logo is the face of the business, but sadly the majority do not give importance to having a professional logo. A well-designed logo creates a good impression of the brand. People can instantly connect with your company if you have an aesthetically pleasing design that tells about the core of your business. A well-designed logo gives a base to the marketing strategies if printed on the business card, leaflets, website, brochures, and other marketing material.

Not taking the designing aspect of the salon seriously

The main aim and core business of the salon industry are to provide a comfortable and enriching experience to the clients. Satisfied customers not only expect top-class services but also are looking for a complete experience. This experience is a combination of an amicable environment, comfy salon furniture, experienced staff, sophisticated look, and effective services.

Not keeping a separate budget for marketing

Marketing is the essence of the business; no business can survive without marketing. Dedicated marketing needs a budget. To set aside your salon from the new and well-established salon, unbeatable marketing needs to be done. And for that, a separate budget is required. You have to use the budget for the launching, advertisement campaign in the newspaper, billboard, contest advertisement, and the list goes on.

Not hiring the right staff

Another mistake that the owner often commit is while hiring staff. While hiring employees, ensure that they are experienced, efficient, and expert in their work. More preference should be given to one who has a charming personality with an eagerness to learn every day. The owner should also get an employee’s background check to avoid future trouble. Remember, an efficient employee can be an asset to the business, so hire wisely!

Not taking insurance of business

We are sure that you all might agree with the uncertain nature of the future, so to avoid any risk, insurance becomes a mandatory thing. There can be events like electrical damage, fire at the place or any hazardous event. To avoid loss after such happenings, insurance coverage is a must. Otherwise, in the absence of insurance, it becomes challenging to survive, which often leads to the shutdown of the salon.

Not paying attention to employees

Ignoring the needs of the employee will not take the business really far, as they are a keen service provider. To survive for the longer term, it becomes necessary to listen to their demands and try to fulfill them, if possible. Being the owner, you should treat them well by offering a competitive salary, regular training, a sense of community, space to concentrate and grow. If they complain about salon trolleys or equipment condition, make sure to identify and solve these problems at the earliest.

Ignoring social media marketing

One should not overlook the power and reach of social media. Being the owner, you cannot ignore the platform where you have a huge clientele base, competitors, and tons of business growth. Make the salon social media friendly and with the right social media campaign, grabbing the significant share of clientele base becomes a distinct possibility.

Ignoring customer services

One of the major and devastating mistakes that newcomers commit is by ignoring customer services. Ultimately, the way you treat your customers can predict whether your salon business will be a big hit or a miss. Try to give something extra and exclusive to your customers. This way, you can ensure that your loyal customers come regularly at your salon. Also remember, a satisfied and happy client can help in adding more clients through good referencing which is nowadays considered to be a potent tool.


So here you go! To excel and grow in the field of the beauty salon industry, these above said mistakes are next to suicidal for the business. With the right interior, standard salon furniture, satisfying services, and matchless marketing strategies, the aim to become hot-shot beauty destiny becomes quite easy. We wish you good luck with the new venture and hope that you now know what mistakes to avoid for hustle free journey.