4 Best CRMs for Small Businesses To Make the Most of in 2021

Running a small business in 2021 can be overwhelming – especially under the uncertainty of the aftermath of the pandemic. As per the UNCTAD report, eCommerce has witnessed a total rise of sales from 16% to 19% in 2020, even amidst pandemic restrictions – leaving many small businesses to realize the importance of online retail. Such tectonic change in the buying preferences of people worldwide has led to a dire need to identify the right technology required for small business owners to go digital. However, when it comes to any business IT solutions, there’s always some factor of a tradeoff involved based on its efficacy against your time and resources. Such circumstances can not be easily streamlined, but optimized for maximum yield, with the help of the right CRM solutions. Now, you may or may not have heard about CRMs before. Let’s break down CRMs and their purposes, before listing some of the best choices for small business owners in the current day and age.

What exactly are CRMs & What makes them important?

CRMs or Customer Relationship Management software is all about enabling you to learn, manage, and provide maximum customer engagement to your business across all channels. With the help of CRM software, you can track every interaction your customers (existing and new) have with your business, understand their needs further, as well as see the bigger picture based on the data collected and stored in the cloud. By assessing and analyzing crucial customer data you can curate and execute target-oriented sales funnels, based on the likes and preferences of your customers to generate more conversions. Check out these cartoon torrenting sites.

CRMs solve specific pain points and resolve complexities which for small businesses can mean more sales conversions and growth in their customer base. Here are some of the major benefits that come with using CRMs: 

  • Keeps businesses organized while helping you scale

Gone are the days when spreadsheets, stickies, and writing pads helped business owners to keep track of their customer orders and credentials. CRM systems are a massive storage repository in itself that records all your data flows from customers, leads, revenue figures, and other analytics; neatly stacking them into its easy-to-access storage (preferably cloud). Because of the automated tasks, its advanced features can help you scale and grow as required with time.

  • Time-efficient and Productive

CRM tools are a great way to reduce your manual work into workflow automation, thus creating more productive opportunities. Be it for marketing or sales automation, CRMs can be a great help in terms of assigning sales representatives to leads, create and manage email campaigns as per your sales and marketing funnels, etc. For digital marketing managers, sales experts, having an intelligent and self-sufficient CRM can save them a lot of time, as well as keep their focus where it is needed.

  • Effective communication and customer service

One of the best parts of CRMs has to be the great transition in terms of customer support and the overall process. Fueled from the enhancement of the stages involved because of better productivity, collaboration, and instantaneous response, your customers can now get faster responses every time they try to reach you. Similarly, CRMs can also ensure the proper execution of each marketing campaign integrated with all social media channels.

Now that you’re aware of the basics of CRMs and their capabilities, let’s dive into the top 5 CRMs of 2021 known best for their abilities:

1. Salesforce

One of the most popular CRMs in the world, they’re especially known for their helpful features for small businesses in terms of multiplying their leads, having better yield, and streamline marketing funnels. The CRM comes equipped with numerous features that can deliver a personalized customer journey to all your visitors, smart marketing planning for social media channels, for greater overall sales.

The pricing for the Salesforce Essentials package begins at USD$25/month per user, and also has a free trial for a single user.

2. Freshworks

It is a cloud-based CRM that takes care of all your project management, accounting, lead management, email management, etc all in one place. It also allows you to stay connected and access data from practically anywhere via iOS or Android devices. Their features also consist of delivering customer support schedules, multiple-language support, mobile app management, executing numerous sales pipelines, analyzing sales calls reports, and so much more.

Their free package known as Sprout for small businesses and startups can have up to 10 users, while their plans start from USD $29 per user, per month. 

3. Nimble CRM 

This user-friendly CRM is apt for managing and handling contacts, setting up reminders, tracking and building relationships to spot and optimize target-oriented opportunities. Its simple and auto-setting interface, with a smart, automated data collection process, makes it handy for small businesses. Nimble gets easily integrated with Gmail and other social media apps that helps sync all your data in one place. The basic CRM pricing starts at USD$25 per user, per month with a free trial for 14 days.

4. Sticky.io

They’re a one-stop shop eCommerce CRM that can handle all your billing and customer lifecycles simultaneously. Their API-driven platform is popular among small businesses, since its features customize your business model every step of the way, prepping it for future growth. They understand how dynamic the consumers’ group preferences can be. Therefore, they came up with a solution that can seamlessly curate addons or upsells, as well as manage landing pages, sales funnels, etc. Their smart, actionable dashboard can extract deeper consumer insights which can kickstart your business growth in the long term. The best part, however, is their quick and easy integration with other eCommerce tools such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Salesforce, etc to get you started in no time! Their custom pricing model is a huge plus, especially for startups, because of their value-for-money services that are aligned to your budget.


With the help of a suitable CRM, your business can experience an improved workflow which can play a crucial role in taking your company to the next level. Then again, having a centralized system in a single platform can help you save valuable time and scale your business accordingly. In case you’re a business owner seeking CRM experts to help you with your business, here are some of our suggestions:


They’re one of the largest online portals to hire freelancers in different domains, including CRM solutions. The freelancers’ varied experience, strengths, and past works can give you the insight to decide if they’re fit for your business requirements. The varied range of competitive prices can be an advantage for startups and other businesses to make significant cost-savings.


They’re a global team of eCommerce solutions with over 450+ experienced, dedicated developers who specialize in sticky.io solutions. With a decade-long industry experience, their experts are known for delivering rich, innovative, target-oriented development services that can elevate user and customer experience alike. Their cost-effective subscription packages are apt for beginners.


Another international marketplace for freelance CRM developers, their numerous experts come with varying levels of experience and skills. For businesses big and small, they provide ample professionals to choose from, as well as decide on the prices as per your requirements.