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5 Essentials Of Choosing The Right Quran Teacher

Many people all around the world want to learn Quran and understand it in the best manner possible. This way they want to develop a deep sense of connection and understanding with Allah Almighty by implementing His teachings to have a prosperous life in the world. To fulfill this goal, one of the most important aspects is to find out the right online Quran tutor who can provide you with the required knowledge and understanding regarding the teachings of Allah and help you to be the best version of yourself for the sake of Allah’s consent and blessings. In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 essential factors to be considered while choosing the right Quran teacher for yourself:

The Understanding Towards Quran

One of the most important aspects that play an important role in making your connection strengthened and wonderful with Allah Almighty is to have an authentic and wise Quran tutor that can make you realize the importance and value of understanding religion Islam and acting upon the teachings of Almighty Allah to attain a quality and satisfying life ere and the world hereafter. The Quran tutor should understand the basics of Islam and the Quran in its deeper sense and not the surface meaning of the words to make their students noble human beings.

Teaching Methodologies

Another most vital factor to consider while opting for an online Quran tutor is to look for the teaching methodologies and style of the Quran tutor that may separate them from the traditional Quran teaching approach. Many people are finding online Quran academies more authentic and knowledgeable platforms to learn Quran rather than going for traditional madras because the environment in online classes and teaching methodologies are much more effective for people such as individual attention, safe environment, interactive learning, and much more.

Certified and Experienced Quran Tutor

It is also very important for people to verify the Quran tutors in terms of his/her knowledge, certifications, and experience when it comes to choosing an online Quran tutor for themselves. The tutors must have a deep sense of understanding and authentic comprehension regarding all the concepts of religion Islam and also regarding the teachings of Almighty Allah in the Quran which is high so that they can make the learners truly aware and informative about the path that leads towards the happiness and success of mankind and make them a righteous and noble human being. 

Moral Values

Moral values play an important role in leaving a lasting impact on people. It is very important for students to choose an online Quran tutor who is morally upright and pays great importance towards the betterment and correctness of his/her shortcomings as well as believes in spreading a sense of kindness, compassion, empathy within the world through his teachings as well as his actions. The Quran tutor must be keenly aware of the ”adab and ikhlaq” that play a significant role in shaping its student’s character and also impacts the personality development of the students.

Practicing Muslim

It is also very significant in choosing the right Quran tutor for you while learning Quran that your tutor should not only focus on teaching the teachings of the Quran but also should be responsible enough in practicing those teachings too so that the students may have a better understanding and connection of the Holy Quran.


Understanding Holy Quran in the best manner possible is the most important key to living a happy and successful life and finding a righteous tutor who can guide you along the way is indeed a blessing.

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