5 Trusted Sources of Wholesale Party Supplies

No one can say no to a happening party! But what really goes unnoticed is that arranging a good party is not always easy. Besides all the host’s efforts and hard work, there is always the requirement for party supplies such as cups, plates, napkins, and various other stuff to decorate the party location.

The wholesale party supply industry is a booming industry worth around $5 billion in the USA alone, and this industry is rapidly growing at a rate of 4.3% each year. With the internet so easily accessible to people today, many trustworthy wholesalers are dealing in party supplies.

Countries like the USA, China, India, UK, Australia, and more are preeminent countries doing well in the wholesale party supplies industry. Nevertheless, more countries such as South Africa and Singapore are also beginning to dip their toe in this sector.

With so many wholesalers available in the market and on the internet, it is difficult for retail vendors to pick out a reliable wholesaler for party supplies. Therefore, we have compiled a list of five trustworthy wholesale party suppliers that can seamlessly and timely suffice the requirement of party supplies.

Websites for Wholesale Party Supplies

  • Alibaba and AliExpress: Alibaba, also known as the “Amazon of China,” is a very familiar name for most of us. The company is based in China and was founded in the year 1999. However, today things are very different for Alibaba because the company has experienced exponential growth by spreading its operations to over two hundred countries in the present day.

Even though the company AliExpress functions under the umbrella of the industry giant Alibaba Group, it has strengthened its presence throughout numerous countries, not just in Asia but even in places far from Asia. Therefore, people looking for a reliable wholesale party supplier can always opt for it without hesitation.

  • Oriental Trading: This brand is considered one of the best distributors and wholesalers of party supplies of the present time; Oriental Trading is wholly focused on dealing with party supplies, which enabled them to secure a stable position as a wholesaler of party supplies.

The distributor’s website features numerous products for almost every occasion, party, or festival celebrated by different people worldwide. Be it religious ceremonies, theme parties, wedding parties, Christmas, Halloween, or graduation parties. Oriental Trading is equipped with all the stock needed by the retail vendor.

  • Chinabrands: Chinabrands is one of the leaders in the market of wholesale party supplies in numerous aspects. This brand is very well known because of the enhanced quality of products sold by them. China brand is equipped with a team of experts dedicated to evaluating and ensuring the quality of products sold by the business. Further, the wholesaler offers a wide array of products for party supplies for almost every occasion.

The brand showcases well-established supply chains spread across numerous countries on all the continents in the world. With over a hundred warehouses spread across different locations, the China brand partners with the leading logistic services to ensure seamless delivery to almost any place globally.

  • Koyalwholesale: This preeminent wholesaler of party decoration and other supplies just had to make it to the list because of the reputation earned by the brand over the years. Established in 2003, the wholesaler now holds a significant share in the market, with operations spread across many different countries from different regions.

Koyalwholesale features a massive array of party supplies on its website, and customers can get almost anything they for a party from the individual sections within the website. This brand is mainly known for its affordable price range and the quality of the products sold by them.

  • M&N Party Store: This wholesaler of party suppliers is another well-known wholesale party supplies industry player. The unique aspect of this company is that it allows the buyers to buy the exact thing that they wish to buy for their party. The search bar of the M&N Party Store is specially optimized for commonly used keywords to search for different part supplies. This way, buyers can find the exact product they need.

However, M&N Party Store specializes in different types of party balloons, and they even showcase an extensive collection of tablewares and various other catering products. Be it different kinds of tableware or other dinner table accessories; one can easily find almost every party supply from M&N Party Store’s website.


These are some of the best wholesale party suppliers from different countries around the world. However, it is recommended that one must only opt for the wholesaler that has the best policies for the retailers. It is also effortless to make orders with these businesses as they are equipped with user-friendly websites that enable retailers to place their orders in no time.