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5 Ways You Can Make Money With Your Blog

Determination, hard work, passion and zeal for blogging can let you taste the desired success. As you will reap what you sow you will get fruits of your hard work in the form of money, fame and with these comes the responsibilities. Everyone wants to make money online today and blogging can get you that if the right strategies are applied to the whole process. Be it personal or a business content blog you can easily make money out of it by keeping a few things in mind.

Here are the few suggested ways to make money from your blog:  

1. Google Adsense 

It is the easiest way to get paid in the beginning as the amount of getting paid is limited. With Google Adsense, you do not have any direct contact with the advertisers but instead, Google does the work for you. Usually, a banner of the advertisement related to your content is placed on your blog. And there are two ways by getting paid by it. CPC-Cost per click, every time your audiences will click on the ad you will get paid for it. And as a beginner, you do not have any other choice but once you get the view you can charge a flat price based on your profile. This process can be understood as CPM and is much better as you do not have to keep a track for every view on your ad as you get a flat price for every ad.

2. By Selling Ads

Advertising is considered as one of the major sources for getting paid for bloggers. You can approach the advertisers to provide you with related ads. Companies would not mind investing in your blog if it gets them business.  Once you get the traffic business tycoons themselves approaches you if your blog is prominent enough to catch the eyeballs to collaborate with you through advertisements. You just need to get started and then your audience’s support will speak for your blog. With this, you can have your rate card based upon the popularity of your blog or you can also negotiate with the advertisers.

3. Sponsored Blog: 

Too much of advertisements might annoy your audiences and they might just block your ad which will affect your earnings. So it is also suggested to create sponsor blogs from time to time which can also get you a good amount of money depending upon your sponsors. In this, you can write about or review a particular product or a service by any brand while getting paid. Sponsors always look for creative people who can help them with sales and have a particular set of audiences. If you have the right set of skills to prepare content for their product and services, they will definitely want to collaborate with you.

4. Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing is another way other than just promoting their products and services through blogs. There are affiliate programs like Amazon that provides you with an affiliate link or affiliation code where sales done through your website or affiliate link gets you a commission. 

In some cases, the unique link or code also provides a discount to the user which they might not get from anywhere else. To get into Affiliate Marketing is only possible when you achieve certain fame in blogging and brands can see that people listen to you or appreciate your work. You can easily keep track of your collaborated purchases with timely payments.’

5. Influencer Marketing: 

When you put in all your passion and hard work you tend to create certain expertise in your field. Being active from time to time is a very important factor in fame. Once you achieve certain popularity through your unique content it puts you in the position to influence people, companies can approach you for public speaking events as well and your expertise will just not be restricted to curate a particular blog for them. 

It is a powerful way to get your recognition among the users turned into your earnings. Many bloggers earn a lot of money by being a part of the public events or conferences in collaboration with several brands. You can also share your interest in collaborating with several brands

6. Become an online Mentor: 

Once you attain the expertise in your field people starts looking up to you. You can turn this trust into business by becoming a mentor & providing premium services to your loyal audience. For this the most effective way is to prepare a course plan which has several lessons, supporting materials and suggestions to achieve a certain goal. Once your clients will get starting benefiting from your course, they will become convinced that how good you are at mentoring. 

You can start with an economic price for your courses and later move on to premium and customized courses based on the feedback you receive.

So, there you have it 5+1 ways you can make money of your blog.

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