VoIP Empowers Your Sales Team

6 Ways Business VoIP Empowers Your Sales Team

Most CEOs often focus on increasing revenue and reducing costs to maximize profitability. Technology can be a means to that end if a company invests in the right tools.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is an upgraded technology with a rapidly rising stock to increase business output. It’s no surprise as – Business Is All About Sales and Sales Is All About Communication – The state-of-the-art VoIP phone services, with its adding power to streamline and unify customer communications, can equip your sales reps with the resources they need to beat out the competition.

A modern VoIP business phone system not only helps businesses save money but also aids them in increasing sales and growing their volume of customers. Here we list 9 ways VoIP could defect their analog counterparts and proliferate your business prospects and sales.

1. Unlock New Sales Opportunities

As internet-based shopping and consulting continue to outpace the growth in the brick-and-mortar sales sector, technology that facilitates it become equally crucial.

Studies show that 88% of visitors are more likely to contact a business if it offers a “click-to-call” widget on the website. And more calls means more opportunities.

VoIP is the essential technology for the widget to take on a role. A key VoIP phone system could offer advanced API or WebRTC Click-to-call feature to enable free visitor-calling from your website. All you need is to make a simple integration, then your sales reps will have a greater chance to upsell consumers on the phone. With more visitors turning into potential leads, your sales and revenue are sure to skyrocket.

2. Multiply Sales with Existing Customers

The best businesses understand that their sales and customer insight are inexorably linked; that is, the success of one is contingent on the other. As such, anything a company can do to unite their sales and customer data will likely result in a boost in revenue and overall effectiveness. That’s why so many businesses are seeking a CRM-compatible VoIP phone system.

VoIP integrates customer conversation records, purchase history and all other key statistics from CRM, and enables call pop-up to unfold the data in real-time. Some advantages of online collaboration for sales teams mean they will have firsthand customer insight when they are talking to a customer, and can utilize that information to dig out what interest a customer most. This way, the chance to cross-sell different products or services will proliferate and customer relationships will also be enhanced to multiply sales.

Besides, a top-of-line VoIP phone system could also automate call logging or call recording to provide useful tools for sales reps to keep track of every conversation.

3. Shorten Service Interaction with Increased Satisfaction

Customers hate contacting service departments as it takes too long. Answering questions such as service requirements could repeat several times before they get transferred to the right department – if you do not have a “smart” phone system.

VoIP technology solves the issue perfectly. It manages all aspects of call handling to make sure that every caller is always attended with a “live” operator. With the advanced IVR and Call Routing feature offered by a VoIP phone system, businesses will be able to gather customer input and route calls to a desired recipient/destination in a 24/7 automatic manner. Long away are the days when customers being put on hold and getting no answer!

It can be said that a sophisticated VoIP phone system, with its upgraded call handling capability, would only bring joy to customer service interactions and further contribute to the sales.

4. Boost Call Efficiency for Outbound Sales

Business sales is a numbers game: the more people you call, the better the odds of acquiring leads that will convert into customers. As such, you will need advanced tools to help your sales agents connect calls easier and faster, with no chance for misdial. A top-notch VoIP business system can contribute to that.

Instead of manually entering phone numbers, some advanced VoIP phone systems like Yeastar offer click-to-call and hotkey-dialing functionality to automate tedious dialing. With Yeastar PBX system, simply by a few clicks of the mouse, you will then able to call any phone numbers appear on your computer screen, no matter the number is stored in a website, document or any software-based CRM, greatly increasing the call efficiency for business outbound sales.

5. Evaluate Sales Performance with Easy Reporting and Quality Assurance

Performance reporting is key to a successful sales team. Fortunately, VoIP phone systems provide sufficient call logs for analysis on call times, missed call rates and other KPIs that inform both individual and team sales performance.

Additionally, sales managers can use dedicated call recording or real-time call monitoring feature to coach struggling sales newbie on how to interact with customers on a call, which in turns helps the whole sales team to identify the elements they have nailed and figure out what they could have done differently for a better outcome.

6. Reduce Missed Opportunities

What happens when a sales agent misses a call because they’re away from their desk? Do you know how many opportunities you may be missing because of the calls that never reach you? Chances are you may have little awareness on how the missed calls could impact your business.

Here is a hint:
Research shows that the UK alone, businesses lose over £30 billion each year due to missed calls.

That said, missed calls could equal lost sales. Fortunately, VoIP fills the gap by allowing you to make or receive extension calls at any time, from anywhere, and on any device. Your sales reps can be on the road or simply away from the office but customers can still reach them. Additionally, when your sales reps are not available for a call, VoIP could also help to reroute/forward the call automatically to someone available at the moment, greatly reducing the chance of missed calls and opportunities.