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8 Emotional Intelligence Tests That Reveal More About You

Employers place a premium on educational background, current knowledge, hard skills, and personality assessments when screening and evaluating new applicants or arranging the training. However, those working in an organization’s recruitment and hiring department are aware that fostering an emotionally intelligent workforce is a primary priority, which recruiters and executives realized only a decade ago. 

A prudent employer gives emotional intelligence equal primacy and employs an emotional intelligence test (also called the EQ test) to evaluate candidates. This is particularly significant because an emotionally intelligent workforce is self-conscious, self-managing, socially aware, and capable. Furthermore, emotional intelligence has been shown to increase interpersonal bonds. So, even if a person is highly competent in every area, they may not be suitable for the organization if they cannot get along with coworkers, superiors, or clients.

Before we discover the best emotional intelligence test you can use to hire top talents, it is important to understand why you should consider using an EQ test

Why is an EQ Test Important?

A reliable, research-based, and data-driven emotional intelligence test can aid in:

  • Enabling better collaboration and teamwork in the organization 
  • Fostering a conducive work culture
  • Enhancing agility and adaptability
  • Improving employees’ self-awareness
  • Better decision making
  • Higher competitive edge

Top Emotional Intelligence Tests You Should Try

  1. Discover Assessments

Topping the list is Discover Assessments, the provider of the world’s first gamified, DISC-based psychometric profiling solutions. They offer a data-driven EQ test that assists in filtering the most emotionally intelligent candidates without any hassle and bias. 

2. Very Well

It is a ten-question survey designed to answer one clear question: how emotionally intelligent are you? The test is straightforward. After a fast run through, you understand that the four alternatives for each of the ten questions are tied to a specific set of concepts or ways of thinking.

3. The EQ Test from Psychology Tools

It is a 60-item survey that asks a wide range of questions. You are asked whether you strongly agree, slightly agree, slightly disagree, or strongly disagree with each issue. This test makes it apparent that there are no correct or incorrect responses and no “trick” questions.

4. Harvard Business Review Test

The test does a wonderful job of putting you in the appropriate frame of mind. It reminds you to respond to the statements as truthfully as possible, and the results indicate where you might need to improve. Finally, it suggests that you analyze your results and then have a trusted friend or two evaluate you using the same statements.

5. Psych Tests

This EQ test is also one of the more comprehensive ones. The test contains 341 questions, with most having at least seven choices to pick from. Furthermore, the questions are not all entirely text-based.

6. Alpha High IQ Society Test

It is a free, timed test that gives visitors 24 minutes to finish the questions. The site is most known for its free IQ tests, but it now offers an EQ test. Most people will not be able to complete the test in the 24 minutes specified on the website’s countdown timer.

7. EQ test from the University of California, Berkeley

It is a one-of-a-kind test because it is more visual than the others on this list. Visitors view a snapshot of a person’s face generating a specific emotion for each test’s 20 questions. Visitors are then asked to select an emotion from one of four options. 

8. Mind Tools’ Test

It consists of only 15 assertions. The scale runs from “Not at all” to “Very frequently.” When the test is finished, visitors are classified into one of three groups. The test tells you whether you have excellent emotional intelligence, are just OK, or need to work on it.


Include an emotional intelligence test as a critical evaluation tool when redesigning your interview process as it can assist you in hiring more efficient employees. 


So wait no more; start improving your hiring process right away!