80's Music Bands

The Origination of 80’s Music Bands and Genres!

There has been a great evolution in music since the 80’s, especially rock music made its way to the new ground and audience. There were many rock bands prominent in the 80’s that showed a diverse number of musical influences. The evolution of heavy metal occurred when the 80s rock bands experimented with heavier sounds and music. Heavy metal music then also diversified into a number of metal subgenres. For many musicians, the 80’s proved to be the kick-starting career years, and there also emerged virtuoso guitar players in the shred genre. That decade showcased some of the finest 80’s music bands and albums in the history of music and left the world with innumerable cherishable memories. 

Let us dive deeper into the popular music genres of the 1980s: 

Hip Hop and Rap

Hip Hop and Rap Originated in New York City in the early 1970s and became more prominent in the mid-1980s. The music faced a hard time breaking into the mainstream with too much criticism to black artists. After a considerable amount of time, the Hip Hop and Rap music of many renowned musicians like Michael Jackson paved its way and set its foot into the music industry. As this genre gained more attraction from the audience, it also gave an insight into inner-city culture to the conservative audience.

New Wave

The sound of the new wave genre was tied to punk rock, dance music, and other electronic instruments, which began in the 1970s and gained popularity at the beginning of the 1980s. The music was termed a new wave as it allows all varieties of highly diverse artists to fit in the same category and got highly promoted on MTV. Moreover, the fashion, hairstyle, and clothing sense of artists and bands of the new wave had a great impact on the youth culture. 

Hair Metal

Hair metal originated in the 1970s whose artists and bands primarily came from L.A. and the United Kingdom. This music genre got influenced by heavy metal, traditional rock, and punk rock music to develop its tracks. Hair Metal songs are primarily 80’s party music and anthems or power ballads that focus on grabbing the attention of youth. Hair metal was a male-dominated band and was also named “Hair Bands” as they had long and huge styled hair wearing a lot of makeup, and having an abrupt clothing sense. 

Know and enjoy the origin of 80’s music bands!