A Review Of dog training chiang mai

AtExpertasia Bully Camp, we providebothindividual and group dog training chiang mai courses.

In our dog-trainingclasses, we concentrate onbeing sociable and obedient.

Dog education

Education is an important mediumto acquire essentialknowledge andskills.

Do youhave any idea?

Like everyperson on the planethas different fingerprints, eachdoghas also a differentsnout.

Each and every child needsto beeducated in order toacquire the fundamental knowledge and abilities. Dogstoo mustbetrainedtobe able to integrate well withintheir social group onone hand,and also withinyourfamily and the societyon the other hand.

The process of educating a dog involves learninghow to look at it,feel it, respectit,and to be able to appreciateit.

Totrain a dogyou must show mutual respect.

Dogs speak their own language.It is possible to learn howtospeak with dogs with the help ofourknowledgeable and skilledpet experts.

Our dog training courses

Whether for a puppyor an adult pet,any learning needs to be carried outin a very progressive way.

Individual dog training classes

In the first class,we willanalyze your currentpartnershipwith your dog.During this time, an educationstrategy will be developed.The dog will thenbeincluded inour group classes(maximumthat there are fivedogsinan area).

Group lessons

Dogs are socialized byinteracted with other dogs andlearning their verbal cues andbody language.Socialization for pupsbegins in the firstlitter.They will then begin to interactwith other dogsas well asfamilies and human beings. Theprocess of socialization fora dog takes 2-3months.Weteachsocial skills and positive interactionswithother dogs and humans.

A variety of games and exercises for dogsare used to enhancetherelationship between thedog and its owner.This way, theyimprove their sociability and learnobedience.

Sociability & Games

It will begin withavarietyof gameswithyour dogat the beginning ofindividual lessons.Subsequently we will develop thisfurther in small groups. Wepay particularattention to yourdogduring these sessions. Weprovide acommunity environment where dogs areat ease, secureandare loved. Ourmain focus:



Obedience is the basis forrelationships between you andyourpet. It istaught and learnedbased on a pleasurableandpositivebond with you dog. We rewardthem withfood, toys , and appealinggames.Our goal is to ensure his wellbeingand a strong connectionbetween him and your.