Why Should You Use AC Condenser Coil Cleaner

Why Should You Use AC Condenser Coil Cleaner

Your AC is a complex machine that consists of many parts working together. A condenser coil is one of the important parts of your central AC unit. This part collects heat from indoors and releases it outside. This shows that it is an important part that should not be ignored. Use an AC condenser coil cleaner to keep this part clean. 

How Does An AC Unit Work 

An AC unit removes heat from your house. The unit uses a refrigerant that absorbs heat from the air. The refrigerant is a liquid/gas. Your AC unit also has an evaporator coil over which the air passes. The refrigerant coils of the unit absorb moisture and heat at the evaporator coil. The AC condenser coil releases the heat outdoors. 

AC Condenser Coil 

The refrigerant is in a hot gas form when it reaches the outdoor condenser unit. If the heat does not escape outside, the refrigerant does not cool down and turns into liquid form and the cooling process is not repeated. Many condenser coils are filled by the refrigerant travelling to the outdoor unit. Heat escapes faster as the surface area is increased. An AC unit also uses a condenser unit fan that helps in pushing the heat outside.    

As the refrigerant cools, it becomes liquid and moves back to the indoor unit. Hence the cooling process repeats.    

Dirty Condenser Coil 

The AC unit can be obstructed or dirty. In such cases, the heat does not escape. This causes some issues with the AC unit. 

AC Unit Issues 

Your AC can have the following issues when you don’t use an AC condenser coil cleaner.

Decreased Comfort

Your AC unit will not release heat if the condenser coils are dirty. Instead of escaping outside, the heat may travel back. This will cause discomfort. 

Higher Bills

Your AC unit has to work harder to remove heat from your house when it has dirty condenser coils. The energy requirements of your AC unit are increased by 30%. Remove dirt/debris and use AC condenser coil cleaner to keep the condenser coils clean. 

Early Breakdown

An AC unit with blocked or dirty condenser coils has to work harder and longer. As a result, the unit wears down faster. This not only shortens its lifespan but the unit also requires frequent repairs and replacements.

You can avoid most of the issues with your AC unit by regularly cleaning its condenser coils using an AC condenser coil cleaner.