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Aluminium Casement Windows Vs. Aluminium Sliding Windows, Which Is Better?

When it comes to picking the correct type of doors and windows for our homes, we are often spoilt for choice. With so many options available, deciding on which material, color, and design to choose from can get quite overwhelming. While aluminum is one of the most sought-after materials used for fenestration products owing to its pliable nature and durability, picking the ideal design can be a little more challenging. Moreover, each design has to offer different features and benefits that further add up to the dilemma. However, there are two highly preferred window designs amongst homeowners – sliding and casement windows. So, if you are planning to revamp your house anytime soon, these two options are worth considering. Let us have a quick comparison between the two so that you are able to make a prudent decision: 


When we talk about the basic operation of sliding doors, they open quite wide and are usually not so tall. Moreover, the slides open sideways as the glass pane glides over the other one. This means that at least one of the panes is movable. 

On the other hand, an aluminum casement window is more likely to be found in narrow and tall buildings as they do not have vast glass panes. These types of windows swing outwards to open up and are usually held with a handle or lever. 


One of the primary purposes of a window is to maximize airflow in the room. Thus, it is essential to consider how well a window design can ventilate the area before making a final decision. Since casement windows can be opened up completely, they allow lots of air and sunlight to enter the premises. So, if your room seems to be quite stuffy, casement windows can be the perfect solution.

Talking about sliding windows, this design only allows you to open up half of the window space as one pane slides over the other. Thus, sliding windows may not offer as much airflow in comparison. However, these would be a good option if you are just looking for a way to regular the flow of some fresh air in your room. 


As mentioned earlier, aluminum casement windows can be opened up completely, which means that they can offer amazing views of the surroundings when open. However, sliding doors can provide expansive views even while the glass panes are closed. Thus, depending on your preference, one can pick either of the two options.

Energy Efficiency

Another major factor to consider is how energy efficient each window design is, as this can help you save some extra bucks on your fuel bills. Since the seal of casement windows is not so flexible, they usually offer better energy efficiency. However, sliding windows are much more flexible to open and close; they might not always be quite energy-efficient. But one should go for a leading fenestration product manufacturer such as TOSTEM India that will offer you highly energy-efficient, durable, and quality windows.


Picking the right window design can help you give your home an entirely new look. We hope that this comparison will help you make a wise choice between the two.