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An Irish Dream Holiday Trip: Stop Dreaming, Start Planning!!

Although Ireland is a not-so-budget-friendly place, I know most of us would still keep the country on our dream travel lists. Obviously, there’s nothing that makes Ireland a less travelled place. It is gorgeously green, the Irish people are known for their kindness and hospitality, the food is to die for, and every edifice is full of history and culture. In other words, Ireland is a total dream destination. But just because  European trip sounds a little fancy doesn’t mean you have to let go of that dream. Instead of keeping it a dream or some wishful thinking, why not start to plan it out and turn it into a reality? 

Just like any travelling plans, it’s always hard to figure where to start. The internet is filled with complexities and outdated tips from several versions of different travellers but the good thing is that we’re ready to help you out in making your dream travel come true. Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide to planning the Ireland tour you’ve been dreaming about. 

Learn the fun facts first! 

Every time you visit a country, it is important to do some research about the place. Some travellers would usually skip this part but remember that travelling with knowledge could be your great advantage. So, start the plan by learning about facts! Not everyone knows that Ireland is two countries. You might never even heard about it for the longest time. But yes, the majority of this country is actually the Republic of Ireland (an independent state) and the rest of it is the Northern Ireland which is under the United Kingdom. With different authorities that set the whole country apart, there have to be differences when it comes to currency, language, and religion. For currency, the Republic of Ireland uses euros while Northern Ireland uses pounds. Knowing about this info can ease out the planning phase for your itinerary.      

Know the best time to visit. 

The best time would always depend on your preference. If you are a traveller on a budget, the most suggested time of the year to visit Ireland is throughout spring and fall when prices for flights and accommodation deals are lower. Although the temperature on these seasons would be a little cool so you have to pack more layers and scarves. But if you are looking forward to a great summer trip to Ireland, schedule your flight on the warmest months from June through to August when temperatures usually range from 9 to 19 degrees Celcius. Some people would like to experience snowfall and white Christmas in the country but most travel sites are likely to recommend avoiding winter season because that’s the coldest time that travellers would rather have to stay indoors because most attractions will be closed due to rainfalls and snowstorms.      

Estimate the budget. 

Everyone knows that Ireland is not a cheap country but that doesn’t mean you can’t save from your tour. The ideal daily budget in Ireland is around 40 euros or 35 pounds but only if you are going to stay in hostels, travel by feet, and mostly cook your meals. Look for great travel hotel deals online to have an estimated budget for accommodation in mind. As a tip, if you want to go out and drink, you should go for a Guinness for it is one of the cheapest drinks in Ireland.     

How to get to Ireland?

You can either get to Ireland by plane or ferry. Do not forget to find the best available flight deals from countless travel sites online or agencies. Dublin is the gorgeous capital city of the Republic of Ireland and is the cheapest city to fly into. Some travellers might encounter troubles upon arrival due to having less knowledge and information gaps in traditional travel books and travel office agents. So, always do some research on what to expect from your arrival including the common dilemma in car rental insurance, credit card approval, luggage rules, and flight schedules to avoid bad surprises.   

Plan out your accommodation.

Deciding where to stay is very handy because you always have several choices to take. Check out free online hotel booking and smash some great deals. The average hotel is around a hundred euros but if you are looking for cheaper accommodation, you can take advantage of hostels with prices that range between 15 and 30 euros per night.   

Where to get around?

Thinking of where to get around for your itinerary is a bit daunting as there are several beautiful places to visit in Ireland. As much as you want to stay for long in each attraction, you have to squeeze them in so that you wouldn’t miss one if you’re planning for a short trip. You can join some guided group tours if you are not comfortable with travelling alone. Or if you are the solo traveller type, travelling by car is the best way to get around. However, car rentals could eat a lot of your budget and hence most travellers would recommend taking trains or buses.    

Author Bio: Sarah Contreras is a full-time travel blogger which means writing adventures, travel spots, and accommodation reviews is her bread and butter. She currently writes for Viking Hotel Waterford, the perfect base for business and leisure guests in the city.


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