anti theft app

Best Anti-Theft App for Android Mobile | Parental Control App

anti theft app

Without smartphones, a person feels incomplete. Do you agree with this? The portable device carries the entire cyber world which easily fits in the pocket.

There are plenty of essential materials, confidential documents, and other useful things saved in a gadget. So, it is important to stay vigilant and take care of the device. 

While talking about kid’s cell phones, it contains educational and gaming apps, charming music, and other keepsakes. Children are attached to the device in the same manner as they are attached to pets. 

But, what if, kid’s cell phone gets stolen or lost? 

Calm down! Relax. Use Anti -Theft app to detect the lost mobile.

What is Anti-Theft app?

Anti-Theft is a term defined to prevent robbery of electronic devices. 

A device with alarm and motion sensor facility, which makes a moveable item like the mobile phone more challenging to steal is referred to as Anti – Theft gadget. 

An Anti-Theft app is a tool in Bit Guardian Parental Control app. It is used to detect lost electronic devices.

Bit Guardian Parental Control app, is an Android software, build to monitor kid’s digital exposure. As a parent, it is essential for you to keep an eye on children’s online activities.

Few internet practices may not be appropriate for kids. It includes exposure to uncensored content, cell phone addiction, and many more, which can be reduced with the help of Bit Guardian Parental Control software.

Mitigating the risk of mobile Anti-Theft is possible with the best Anti-Theft app – Bit Guardian Parental Control.

 Let us check how Anti -Theft works on your Android phone.

Anti-Theft Functionalities:

  • Find Location: This function helps in identifying the lost or stolen device. It will track the exact location of your kid’s phone using GPS tracker. 
  • Ring Alert: By pressing this alert, it will give a call to your child’s smartphone. Following the ringing sound, you can locate the device quickly.
  • Reset Factory: If your mobile goes missing, it is imperative to remotely initiate a factory reset to safeguard private data. Factory Reset will delete all information stored in the device.

There are various studies taken place which shows statistical data of mobile theft.

“According to Prey Mobile Theft & Loss Report, 69% of missing devices are actually misplaced. People are to be blamed for device loss. Furthermore, devices are found from known and secure places like offices and schools.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)- From the results of the inaugural Prey Mobile Theft & Loss Report, 69% of the lost mobiles are misplaced rather than stolen – missing report of 2018.” 


However, certain studies show that kids are targeted more for stealing devices. If mobile robbery takes place, and by the time teens can understand the situation, thieves would have completed their work and left the place. Many a time, robbers target kids who are alone on the street and demand a ransom. Hence, Anti-Theft is extremely essential to protect kids from such dangerous incidents. 

What are the leading causes that spur the need for Anti-Theft?


  • Protects from data loss: 


Data stored in a device should remain in safe hands; otherwise, it will get misused.

No sooner it comes to your attention about your child’s lost phone; you can start searching with the help of Anti-Theft. 

Information is confidential and not an open book; hence, if the device is found within a few hours, chances of data loss will be minimized.


  • Confidential account details can be saved:


Monetary transactions mostly take place online. If banking details are autosaved in kid’s device, chances of the account details getting stolen increases. Anti-Theft acts as a safeguard here.

Bit Guardian Parental Control provides other features for the child’s protection. To exemplify a few of them, scroll down your screen:

  • Panic Alert: Your phone will get an alarming message when your child is in danger
  • Time Schedule: Minimizes screen time on devices and ensures safety. 
  • GPS: A unique feature of Geofencing facilitates the child’s location and also sends a notification if the kid increases vehicle speed. 

Post knowing the necessity, it is the right time to invest your resources in the best Anti-Theft app – Bit Guardian Parental Control.

Precaution is better than cure! Install the mobile Anti-Theft now and stay alert and free from worries!

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