Bathroom Tiles

Top Trends in Bathroom Tiles 2021

Remodel your bathroom with trendy shower tiles!

Selecting bathroom remodeling projects is not as easy as ABC. Bathroom tiles are available in a variety of styles, designs, shapes, colors, and textures that it might become overwhelming for the customers to choose. This is why we are here with unique textures and styles for the homeowners. With the focus on colors, finishes, shapes, and patterns, we are here to present before you the top trends in terms of bathroom tiles. 


Graphic Tile Patterns 

Graphic tile patterns are perfect accent tiles for any room, whether it’s a wall or floor. These amazing soft subtle hues and bold contrasting vibrant colors with intricate patterns will lure your heart. This trend is number one because it’s beautiful and subtle at the same time. From ceramic tiles to subway tiles, it’s safe to say that these graphic pattern tiles are best suited for your bathroom. You can use them as shower tiles because they style up your bathroom in a creative way with their enthusiastic style. This year will be fun with the graphic tiles all over your bathroom. 

Matte Finish Tiles 

These matte finish tiles feature a strong beauty style that’s not very overwhelming. The benefit of these matte tiles is that they don’t show up smudges, stains, or watermarks just like the glossy tiles. This is why, they are considered apt for the bathroom floors, especially the busy bathrooms. It’s their low sheen that makes it easier to maintain. When you’re installing the matte finish tiles, make sure you’ve enough lighting around as these tiles don’t reflect light. In case you’re looking forward to understanding the elegance, subtleness, and unspoken sophistication of these matte finish tiles, then you must know that these are magnificent for the earthy style in your bathroom. 

Neutral Tiles

Neutral tiles, especially whites are meant to give your place a luxurious look. Nothing can go wrong with the white tiles. It’s proven and observed by many. Vibrant colors like red, blue, yellow won’t be a shining star for any commonplace like a bathroom. This is why, most homeowners are falling in love with the neutrals like grey, white, creams, and what-not! As per the recent trends, grey and beige have become popular and are known as complementary neutrals. People who’re searching for something divine or full of brightness for their bathrooms must go for white color. These bathrooms built from white tiles will have a relaxing atmosphere and a warm environment. This will help your mind to stay calm and you could also use these colors on the flooring all the way to ceilings. It’s important to ensure that the bathroom doesn’t look lifeless and for this, you can add layers of different neutral colors, prints, shapes, and textures or finishes that will bring forward an amazing way to represent your bathroom. 

To briefly conclude, these tile trends are going to help you make the right choice in your bathroom remodeling process. Make sure you keep these pointers in mind while the process goes on. 

Happy Home Decor!