Swimming Equipment

Beginner’s Guide: 6 Basic Swimming Equipment and Their Importance

Swimming Equipment

Learning how to swim may look like a piece of a cake for some.

But the truth is, there’s more beyond learning the basic swimming techniques, knowing the proper breathing, and considering the swimming strategies to reach your first lap faster than expected. 

It’s because this sport and/or recreational activity also requires you to give importance in utilising the basic swimming equipment in your swimming journey. 

With that, you may find out more about some of the basic swimming equipment and their importance, which you might or you might still not have right down below. 

  1. Earplugs

Swimming Earplugs

Basically, in the context of swimming, earplugs are a type of swimming equipment or accessories inserted in the ear canal for some sort of hearing protection. 

It’s because if you don’t mind knowing, your ears are one of the parts that are prone to irritation and infection especially when swimming becomes a big part of your existence. 

Such irritation and/or maybe caused by the chlorinated or chemical-infused water, and other foreign substances that the pool may consist of. 

This kind of infection or irritation that may occur in your ears is best known as the swimmer’s ears. 

And as a beginner in the sport, having swimmer’s ears could be your worst nightmare! 

So, to avoid having a very discomforting earache or swimmer’s ears, you’re advised to consider purchasing and using a pair of earplugs.

This is regardless if you’re into competitive swimming or recreational swimming. 

2. Kickboard

Swimming kickboards

Next on the list is the kickboard. 

As a beginner, consider the kickboards as one of your best friends in your swimming journey. 

It’s because aside from the proper breathing, kicking is also one of the keys to win your first lap in no time. 

As you swim your way to your journey in this sport with the kickboard by your side, you’re helping yourself a lot to develop and strengthen your leg abilities. 

More than that, kickboard can also aid you to enhance your balance in the water.

3. Nose clip

Swimming nose clip

Another swimming equipment that’s basically used for protection is the nose clip. 

Nose clips are often seen used by the members of the synchro team, but aside from that, the nose clip plays more roles. 

You must know the discomforting feeling when water suddenly makes way into your nose, right? 

Well, for the beginners in swimming, the nose clip will help you keep the water out of your nose which will aid you to learn swimming comfortably.

You might really need wearing the nose clip especially when you’re starting to learn the front crawl.

4. Swimming caps

The use of swimming caps can be both considered as protection and help to reduce the amount of drag when swimming

You must know that a reduced drag is a great advantage, especially for competitive swimmers. 

Since you’re understandably swimming in chlorinated water, your hair will more likely get damaged with the regular dip in the pool. 

To prevent your hair from being damaged by the chlorinated pool, practice the habit of wearing swimming caps before you dive in to conquer your first lap. 

The swimming caps are also the best swimming equipment to keep your hair out of your way while swimming in the water [unless you’re bald]. 

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5. Swimming goggles

Swimming goggles

Next on the list is a good pair of swimming goggles which could be one of your greatest friends from the beginner’s stage up to the entire chapter of your swimming career or journey. 

Aside from giving you a clearer vision while you’re beneath the water surface, the swimming goggles are also meant to protect your eyes. 

By using the swimming goggles, you’re helping to prevent your eyes from the possible irritation and redness that may be brought by [again] the chlorinated water. 

6. Swimming suit or swimwear

The last swimming equipment but definitely not the least is the swimming suit or swimwear. 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to dive in the water naked! So, go get yourself a well-fabricated swimming suit before heading to your swimming class. 

You better keep in mind, that this is also for you to have the freedom of moving in the water. Having all that said, there are a variety of swimming suits for men and women to choose from. 

Basically, swim briefs, swimming trunks, or jammers are the swimming suit choices for men. For women, it’s best suggested to wear a one-piece swimsuit. 

Final say: 

Swimming final say

So, there you go! You finally had yourself a complete tour in learning the basic swimming equipment which will really be helpful for you as you take the path of swimming. 

But before leaving the pages, let us know your thoughts about swimming and the basic swimming equipment included in the discussion. We will wait for your answers!


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