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Benefits of Air Ambulance During Emergency Situations

If you are in dire medical needs, what is the best way possible? Air ambulances come in handy during this time. These are fixed-wing airplanes equipped with specialized instruments. The only goal of air ambulances is to carry sick patients from one place to another. The best air ambulance service in India is found in so many places. It depends on how much you plan to spend on an air ambulance.

The experts are specially trained for the purpose. These air ambulances contain all the medical devices as well as monitoring devices. Further, it consists of all the instruments for the patients boarding the flights.

Why are services of air ambulances getting important?

Whenever an emergency takes place, air ambulances come to the rescue. If a person is critical and can’t move on his own, he needs to be carried in an air ambulance only. Some patients are highly injured during the time of accidents. If they are transferred by car, traffic stops the transfer to another hospital. And sometimes, the patients die during the transfer only. It would help if you had proper support for transporting the patients from one place to another.

Benefits of Air Ambulance Services

  1. Air Ambulance is faster.

Air ambulances travel a lot faster than all other kinds of transport. And speed is needed during medical emergencies. These can transport patients to all the desired destinations. The airways are not congested, and they will reach their goals within a couple of minutes. He ait ambulances have gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

  1. Air ambulances operate everywhere.

Air ambulances have the capability of operating from anywhere. It doesn’t matter, irrespective of the location. Additionally, Most people think that air ambulances don’t work from remote areas. Traffic congestion is only on the roads; it’s not in the air.

You can not just travel from one city to another, and you can go to the destination within the timeframe. You won’t get any delays on the flights. The only aim is to transfer the patients on time.

  1. It is a fantastic option for severe patients.

Air Ambulance in India is an excellent option because of traffic on the roads. If there are any significant accidents, they are transferred by air ambulance. But now, anyone can get themselves lifted by these services. There are so many companies that prepare to help patients. They will get support during critical times.

  1. It has a lot of capacity and can save lives.

Air ambulances have a lot of space compared to regular charter flights. These flights are more significant with the capacity to travel long distances. Only the distances are covered within a short period. Further, It can carry a lot of medical instruments to be put inside air ambulances. It’s very different from regular flights.

Air ambulances can transfer patients quickly. Therefore, it can save many lives only by moving patients in a short time.

How much does an air ambulance cost?

An air ambulance is one used to transport patients requiring medical care. It is used both for long and short distances. Further, several factors affect air ambulances. Air ambulance cost in India depends on what the patients plan to spend.

Types of Air Ambulances

The three types are air ambulances with passenger compartments, helicopters, and private jets. The average cost is somewhere between $2 million. The helicopters are less expensive, about $5000. However, they don’t have the same comfort as the passenger compartments. Private Jets are the most expensive ones. It can cost up to 10 million or even more.

The distance traveled

The price is also affected by the distance covered. Many ambulances charge per mile for any trip over 100 miles. Further, The average cost is anywhere between $1,000 per mile. If the trip goes higher or in extreme conditions, the prices can go high. For example, the average cost of primary care is about $10,000. If it is intensive care, the prices can rise to $100,000. Patients who need advanced care can pay up to $500,000.


Air ambulances are beneficial for people suffering from extreme ailments. The costs can vary, but air ambulances are a perfect choice if you want to provide the best medical care.