Benefits of Collapsible Boxes to Business

Benefits of Collapsible Boxes to Business

Cardboard boxes are primarily used for packaging the goods and materials, and these can also be recycled. The term cardboard is used because the material used in making them is not specific. The first non-corrugated paper box is sometimes credited to the firm named M. Treverton and Son, England 1817. But in the early 1870s, an American printer named Robert Gair accidentally created the cardboard box while making the plastic bags. Mr. Gair accidentally cut a paper box while it was only meant to crease the plastic one by it. The first corrugated cardboard box was created in  France in the 1840s and followed by them, invented in England in 1856 and in 1874 large quantities of it were manufactured. In addition to this, the corrugated boxes started being manufactured in the USA by the midst of the 1890s. So the era of cardboard boxes began and gradually by 1890 more and more designs came into being and the pre-cut cardboard box or also known as the Collapsible Boxes were made while the others like wooden crates and simple boxes with lids were also being used as a replacement for the conventional wood and steel boxes.


Every business that needs to storage facility knows how important these packagings are and what benefits they have for the firm or the company. As big as a business can get, the use of collapsible rigid boxes always comes handy. They make sure that even the smallest of the area is used to the maximum capability. Although people rise up to point out that the initial purchase of these boxes is expensive, but if you weigh that over the extended life and durability of these, it offsets the initial investment.


Talking about the big businesses and the smaller details in it, for instance, if we talk about the masters of any food chain, they always have reserves of their boxes stored in case they run out of them. Where do you think they store all those food boxes of pizzas and burgers? Obviously at some storage facility. And the kind of boxes we are talking about take very less space as they can be folded down to a single sheet. In this way, 100 times more storage can be stored. But what if they were not collapsible? They would take too much space and that space would require some facility to put them into and renting out or buying property for the sake of anything these days is too pricey to even think of it. Hence, these collapsible boxes are used to take lesser of the space than the ordinary boxes.

Moreover, there are a number of other benefits that these boxes have over the normal ones. For instance, in industries like automotive, appliance builders, grocery stores, bakeries, and beverage producers, these are ideally used. Adding the point of ‘if space is an issue’.

Foldable boxes

These come in different sizes, even custom ones are available, are strong and durable and can store goods weighing up to 2,000 pounds. These are easy to transport and move too as they have compatibility with the fork lifter. Another benefit and the most important one is that they come in different variants;

  • Light duty: are usually for the storage of small parts (mostly electrical appliances and tools).
  • Medium duty: are also known as the ‘bulk containers’ and are used for heavier tools.
  • Heavy duty: are used for storing big artifacts.

These boxes also come with another variant that is known as the Collapsible storage boxes with lids. These are almost the same as the other ones and have no other difference of note, the only one is in the name of it. It is the same with an optional cover on it to ensure more safety of the goods that are stored.

Gift Boxes

Everyone wants perfect packaging for their gifts, going to a supermarket you will go by a number of products and one of them will be the boxes that are used to give gifts in. Obviously, you won’t be putting just about anything in your gift box. If it’s something special, you’ll need something special to put it in and small gift card boxes are the best option you’ll have. These are generally used to give a better look at the gifts and make them look more upscale. Another advantage of using these boxes can be that the person receiving the gift can again give it to someone else as after a one time use, these can be stored at any place of the house easily. Last but not the least of the advantages is that these are half the price of any other conventional boxes that are made of steel or wood and moreover, these can be recycled too.


Summing everything to the point that collapsible boxes are actually very much beneficial to the businesses all over as they cut down the costs of both storing and packaging, they are replaceable, they can be recycled all over again and thus, are very friendly to the environment.