Camera for kids

Best digital Camera for kids

Whether you’re looking for a near-kill camera for kids to throw on the floor, or something for a teenager who is starting to take an interest in photography, there are several camera options available that won’t put too much strain on your budget.

We’ve tried to break our guide to buying the best vlogging camera for kids into four categories:

VTech KidiZoom Camera Pix

VTech KidiZoom Camera for Youtube Pix – it’s okay if the camera breaks down

In the up to $ 50 price range, there are 50 cameras to choose from and this VTech baby camera is one of the more popular. The Pix camera is equipped with a 2 Mp sensor, 4x digital zoom, micro-USB port, as well as a MicroSD slot and built-in memory.

The camera is somewhat rugged, but not waterproof. The KidiZoom is powered by four AA batteries, which compares favorably with the $ 60 lithium-ion batteries commonly found in digital cameras.

The child can take pictures through the viewfinder or using the 1.8-inch LCD. It is noteworthy that the KidiZoom device, in addition to photographs, is also capable of shooting five-minute QVGA videos (320 x 240 px).

Also, KidiZoom has several other useful features. The camera has a selfie mode – it takes a picture when it detects a face in the frame. In addition, the device has many interesting special effects and four built-in games.

All in all, the VTech KidiZoom camera looks like an inexpensive and fun way to get your toddler to take a photo, and if he breaks him, it will only cost $ 40 to replace the gadget.

Nikon Coolpix W150

When you’re looking to buy your kid something more “camera-like” than cheap gadgets, then the rugged and inexpensive Nikon Coolpix W150 might be a good option.

The W150 is capable of withstanding a 2m drop and can shoot up to 10m depth. So it will survive even if it falls to the bottom of a pool. In winter, this camera can be taken to a snowy park, it can operate at temperatures down to -10 ° C. The device is also dustproof, so there should be no problems with it on the beach.

The design of the W150 is simple, it has large shutter and video buttons, and other controls are convenient. The gadget does not have a touch screen, which is inherent in all modern underwater cameras. So a child who is accustomed to a smartphone will find it a little more difficult to get used to using it.

The technical parameters of the W150 are not very remarkable. But in this case, this will not be the reason that may prevent you from buying it. The camera is equipped with a 13 Mp sensor from a smartphone. A lens equivalent to 30-90 mm, a 2.7-inch LCD screen and the ability to shoot video in 1080p quality. The digital camera supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connections, which is convenient for easily transferring photos to your phone.
The price of the camera is approximately $ 150.

Olympus Tough TG-6

Olympus Tough TG-6 best point and shoot film camera If you are looking for a better quality camera for your child, given that your child is responsible for expensive electronics, then the Olympus TG-6 is a great option. Its reliability in extreme conditions is even better than Nikon’s. With this device, you can dive even deeper, or not be afraid to accidentally crush it (of course, within reason). The build quality is excellent, with double locks on the lids and double glass to prevent lens fogging.

The TG-6’s larger sensor and faster lens with a versatile 25-100mm equivalent range let. You shoot even in low light conditions. Of course, this device is not a competitor to the best-in-class smartphones in terms of photo quality. But this is the best that can be found on a waterproof camera.

In general, about the functionality of the TG-6, suffice it to say that the gadget is capable of taking pictures very quickly. Saving pictures that were “taken” before the shutter button was fully pressed. It has a truly impressive exposure time setting and 4K video recording.

If your teen enjoys travel, the camera’s ability to capture location, altitude. And temperature for each shot will make viewing photos more fun than using a regular camera or phone.
This camera can be purchased for $ 399 even lower if you use coupon codes for cameras. You can read post disposable camera for kids

Canon PowerShot G9 X II vlogging Camera

For older children who are interested in the process and art of photography. The Canon PowerShot G9 X II is available for less than $ 450. This is a pocket-sized camera with very good image quality thanks to the 1-inch sensor and touch interface familiar to smartphone users.


The camera lens with built-in stabilization offers an equivalent focal range of 28-84mm. While not as versatile as the more expensive enthusiast compacts, is more than adequate for a teenager. For beginners, there is a Smart Auto mode set using the mode dial. In this mode, the camera will automatically set all the optimal settings, for example. By choosing the correct scene for the current situation.

The device menu offers many special effects modes as well as several fun star modes that are easy to customize and enjoy. Transferring images to a smartphone is also straightforward, just use the camera’s wireless option – Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Once your child has mastered the basic photo and video functions, the G9 X II is ready to offer manual exposure control, advanced autofocus modes and RAW support – features found in more advanced semi-pro and pro cameras.