Best Gift Ideas For First Anniversary Of Your Marriage

Marriage is an auspicious event and comes once in a lifetime. Thus, it becomes a memorable day. Having spent an entire year with your spouse means that you know each other more and have made some beautiful memories as well. On your first wedding anniversary, you can relive all those beautiful memories through different means. You can get a cake and cut it together. If you reside in Aligarh, then cake delivery in Aligarh will be easier for you. You can also give some memorable gifts to your spouse. It can be anything that can make your spouse feel happy– from photo frames to cushion along with a bouquet or cards, etc. After all, you have completed a year together. We can tell you about some of the best gift items you can give to your spouse on your first anniversary. Look below:

An anniversary journal

1st-anniversary means you have spent an entire year together, which means that you would have loads of precious memories starting from the date of your marriage. You can give your spouse a lovely-looking anniversary journal where you can keep tabs on your special moments from the time of marriage till the present. Moreover, your spouse can also add some precious moments even after the anniversary.

Personalized Clock

Another memorable gift that you can give to your spouse is a personalized clock. You can buy a customized clock in which you can add anything you like. It can be your wedding picture or your name. Your spouse will love it, and since you will be hanging it on your wall, it will always bring back memories.

Custom couple portrait

Photo-frames are pretty standard. You can get your spouse a custom-made beautiful couple portrait. It can be a portrait of you and your spouse from your wedding day in which you can also add your favourite stuff, such as your pets alongside you and some lovely flowers.

Heart-shapes photo art

You can take out some of your best and memorable pictures and create photo art. It can be a heart-shaped photo collage art that you can frame nicely. It will look incredible once you hang it on the wall. And since it has your memorable pictures, your spouse would be delighted to get them.

Personalized cushions

How about giving your spouse a cushion? It won’t be an ordinary one. You can give your spouse lovely personalized cushions with your names or pictures on them. The pillow can also have first anniversary letters printed on it. Your spouse will love having such beautiful cushions that you can keep on your sofa or even bed. Every time they hold the pillow, they will get a big smile.

Personalized Mug set

Another gift item perfect for giving on your 1st anniversary is a personalized mug set. You can get a customized mug set anywhere. It is a set of two mugs customized in a way that looks perfect when put together. It can make a heart shape when you put it together. You can also get your pictures and some notes printed on the mug, which will look incredible. That way, you can get a pleasant and memorable mug.

Photo LED Lamp

You can also give your spouse a lovely photo LED Lamp that they can keep on the bed’s side table. At night, it will illuminate beautiful light, and its beauty would be enhanced through your picture. Yes, you can add your favourite images (anyone you like) to the photo LED Lamp.

Wooden gift box

You can give your spouse a wooden gift box having different personalized gifts. Inside it, you can add a watch, a personalized note, chocolates, a piece of jewellery (ring or bracelet), perfume, etc. A wooden gift box full of different nice gifts would be incredible for your 1st-anniversary.


1st anniversary is unique; after all, it’s your first major milestone as a married couple. Thus, all your moments are precious, and your gift needs to be the same that shows love. Several gift items that you can give to your spouse or a couple are mentioned above. You can check the brand to buy the best present.