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Best Guide to Tarot Cards Reading for Beginners

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If you have just begun with a guide to tarot cards reading, you might feel intimidated thinking about a lot of things you need to learn about this art. This is one thing which grabs your attention; another would be how you can make your readings right. But, learning tarot card reading doesn’t have to be that nerve-wracking or complicated. Reading Tarot for beginners should be simple and easy. 

Since you must be reading several guides or online blogs to make your reading “right”, it still sometimes seems a hard nut to crack. But, different guidebooks have diverse interpretations of the tarot cards. There will be a cluster of tarot card reading techniques & languages which can boggle your mind.

Let’s begin with a quick guide to tarot cards reading for beginners:

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1. Keep your reading simple – The archetypal images on the tarot cards may look baffling, but there are simple ways through which you may understand and read tarot. 

Here are the tips to learn and read tarot quickly.

  • Do not make it complicated; rather keep it simple. Simple spreads, simple techniques & simple meanings are your quick escape to complex learnings.
  • A guide to tarot card reading will be of utmost help to you while reading tarot cards for yourself. Choose one and follow the instructions.
  • You may use free online tarot reading apps for reading tarot by yourself. This is an easy way out to read tarot for beginners. Using the app, beginners may learn how to read tarot cards with accuracy.

2. Make a special connection with the tarot reading

Reading dozens of tarot card reading books won’t help you in memorizing the meanings. It will only confuse and restrict you from attaining accuracy. 

At the start, you may feel confined to make a personal/instinctive connection with the tarot cards. But once you begin relating to the cards, your innate perceptions will easily take off the flight.

You can look at your own life and see examples of the tarot cards. Which card best describes your day, and whether your day was intuitive or not, everything will start connecting with Tarot. 

3. Switch the Celtic cross for a 1-3 card spread – Almost every tarot reading guide book consists of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, which is indeed a stunning spread. But for a beginner, switching the Celtic Cross tarot spread for ten cards is not a great place to start. 

Instead of this, as a beginner, you can use the 1-3 tarot card spreads to gain a broader understanding from just a 1-card reading. You can easily find these spreads in online apps likeTarot Life where you can practice and enhance your skills. 

4. Draw one tarot card each day – In order to create a personal connection with the tarot cards, you can begin by drawing one each day. And then you can ask the card on what energy you need to focus on that particular day. 

One thing you need to do is to focus on expressing that energy practically the whole day. You can also ask the card about what experiences you may face that particular day. 

When your day ends, match up whatever happened the whole day with tarot card reading you have found in the morning.

5. Understand the image and symbols – The pictures drawn on the tarot cards tell a lot about what is happening or what might happen. Try to observe the image on the card to understand what might happen.

You shall relate your observation of the image with what is happening with you in the current situation. Your observation from the card might frame a story for you to understand your life’s current status. 

The best part of this technique is that you don’t need to remember the meanings. You can relate your experience with what picture you see in the card.

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 6. Tune in with your intuition – Unless you have encountered it, it will be a little difficult for you to understand when you can tune in with your intuition. 

Do not rely on the books for this understanding; keep the tarot card in front of you to connect with the energy of the card. 

The energy you connect with picked tarot card has nothing to do with the books. During tarot card reading, it might be possible that you connect with a different energy of the card.  Thus don’t panic and continue with the flow.

Remember your intuitive power is more potent than what is mentioned in the books. 

7. First, read tarot card for yourself – Tarot card reading can do wonders in developing your personality and helping you in self-discovery. 

When you begin reading tarot cards, you can be the best client for yourself. Take some time out every day to read tarot card for yourself, this way you will learn more about tarot card reading and a lot about yourself too.

8. Find a tarot study buddy – Two better than one. Finding an equally crazy partner who is enthusiastic about studying along with you can be a great help in your learning. 

If you want to learn more about tarot card reading, you can find a buddy with whom you can share knowledge and practice tarot card reading. Both will have different perceptions, and this will support your purpose of growth.

9. Learn a few keywords for each tarot card – Hurrying may ruin all the knowledge you have gathered so far and will leave you discouraged in the end.

So, do not rush in memorizing everything at once. Tarot for beginners learning should be pleasurable rather than annoying. An informative and fun reading may do wonders that you can ever expect.

10. Figure out what the tarot means to you – Before even beginning to read tarot cards, your first question should be to yourself about how tarot works

Observe, what answer you get from your mind, and does that answer make any sense for you or not. It is okay if your answer doesn’t match up with the other readers because it is still teaching you predictions.

One blunder you should never do is to ask the same question to yourself over & over again and waiting for a different yet better answer every time. It’s not recommended to take a tarot card reading when you are extremely emotional. 

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Being a beginner, you have to use the tarot cards mindfully. Draw on the cards when your heart is open, and mind is receptive of all the positivity.

To know what wisdom these cards have in stock for you, the only thing you have to maintain is-respect towards the power. Tarot cards have a lot to offer you, only if you are amenable of the right things. 

My suggestion to you would be – download the most accurate Tarot Card Reading application. It will help be a better guide for you in your Tarot learning. My pick would be Tarot Life. It is interesting, easy to understand and quite informative. It has the detailed meanings of the Tarot Cards plus its readings are also on-point. Tarot Life is free to download on Android as well as iOS. So, what are you waiting for? Download Tarot Life now!


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