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Best Ways to Secure Your Office and Make It Burglar Proof

Burglars are lurking everywhere, and you can never know for sure if you’re going to be the next target. That’s why you should do your best to secure your office and make sure none of the confidential data is ever stolen and abused. There is a range of efficient ways to secure your office, and we’re presenting only a few of them that are guaranteed to offer you peace of mind.

Install a reliable surveillance system

First and foremost, you need a reliable and efficient surveillance system that will monitor the premises 24/7. The minute a potential burglar spots cameras and the rest of gadgets they will think twice before even trying to break in. Warning signs at entry and exit points will also be beneficial as they’ll inform the intruders about the existence if the monitoring system. Alarms can be a great addition to existing surveillance systems. Sometimes burglars won’t mind the cameras but will cover themselves and try to break in any way. In the event of a potential break-in, the alarm will go off the minute the locks are opened by force and you can be sure the police will be on the spot within minutes.

Hire guards

Securing your office with alive force is also a way to have efficient protection. Namely, have a few guards on designated spots. They should check everyone who passes by and enters the rooms where you keep confidential data are actually employed at your company. When you look for the first line of defence, you won’t have cameras or alarms there, but security guards. What’s more, they can actually act on any potential intrusion and even prevent one.

Secure the locks

You’ll need to secure sensitive areas with additional protection. You should also make sure every door in the building that leads to a significant or a sensitive area, such as the server room, is fully secured with sturdy locks. You should install quality and reliable locks and maintain them regularly. Keep in mind that maintenance is half the protection so always have the phone number of an emergency locksmith near you on speed dial so that you know you can ask for their help in case you realize your locks need a bit of touch up. Furthermore, consider introducing keyless cards to some of the employees. That will allow you to manage who has access to which areas and help you allocate access credentials easily.

Offer training to employees

If your business operates outside of regular working hours, you’ll find employee training highly invaluable. This type of security is especially beneficial in preventing or stopping armed robberies attempts. Train your staff about ensuring safe cash handling and management. Consider teaching them all about maintaining a safety routine when the business is opening and closing as well as how to report and record suspicious activity. Have a safety coordinator whose main task will include ensuring that workplace security has regular training sessions. You can further raise awareness of potential threats by reminding employees to always keep all the valuable items close to them, instead of in easily accessible places. Staff should lock doors and windows when they are working alone or after hours. In case somebody is working after hours, they should never stay completely alone and walk out of the office alone. Ideally, there should always be at least two persons together.

Keep your passwords private

You should make sure all the keys, identity badges, keycards and computer passwords are secure or safe. One of the best ways to do it is not to give them out to people outside the office or employees you don’t trust too much. Ideally, you’ll never give it out to anyone because people will very often abuse the privilege of you trusting them and misuse the keys.

Regularly check entry and exit points

When was the last time you checked your elevators, and the condition of the fire escapes? If you can’t even remember, then it means it’s been too long and that you’re practically inviting intruders into your office. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to make unauthorized access to your office, but ask your safety coordinator to identify and fix any weak spots on your property. Aside from fire escapes and elevators, be sure reception areas are well secured too. Furthermore, check doors and windows frequently as well, because skilful intruders will use any possible entry point to break in.

Final thoughts

Securing your office can seem rather challenging, but it’s highly necessary if you want to make sure all the confidentialities are safe. Therefore, make sure you implement some of the measures we’ve suggested, and be sure no intruder will ever think of trespassing and causing serious damage. From surveillance systems to keycards, secured locks and staff training, all of the suggestions will work better than you’d hope for.