Princess Diana to Kim Kardashian: Biker Shorts Styles still trending in 2021

Princess Diana to Kim Kardashian: Biker Shorts Styles still trending in 2021

Summer is all about trying new styles without worrying about how cold it is outside! Unlike winters especially, women get to experiment a lot and upgrade their wardrobes. Biker shorts have become the top sophisticated and comfortable look for women these days. It has become so trendy that now your search for biker shorts you won’t be having just the solid color ones, more styles have been added to this type, for example, printed biker shorts are trending as well. 

From the 80s whether it’s Princess Diana with her off-duty looks to 2021 Kim Kardashian with her famous biker shorts looks, this trend is actually worth the hype. Style and comfort when collaborated make the best outfit for all. 

Be it plain or solid biker shorts or printed biker shorts, when worn with an oversized blazer or coat with sneakers, can really turn around the heads as you walk down the street! From casual to sporty looks, it will always look cool. 

Below mentioned are some of the top ways to style and wear biker shorts:

  • Off-duty looks:

Choose some black or grey workout gear and wear it with some bright colored biker shorts, on top of it wear an oversized sweatshirt! Did you know it is one of the coolest looks inspired by Princess Diana?! Also, you can wear an oversized t-shirt and chunky sneakers, to slay with that young girl ready-to-rock vibes. 

  • Sticking to one color:

It is said matching the colors has fallen out of the fashion trends, but no it has definitely not. Especially when you wear the same color blazer or sweatshirts with the same color biker shorts. Printed short womens or printed biker shorts are a great option, pair it with an oversized blazer but make sure the base color of the shorts and blazer is the same. 

  • Printed short womens:

Some women like to choose the vibrant and catchy vibe over the solid color and subtle vibe. For those, they can try a bright knit puffed sleeved cardigan with the printed shorts. Especially if you could get animal print-type biker shorts to match! 

  • Leather jacket:

Irrespective of the country, almost every woman owns at least one leather jacket. Cannot blame you girl, they are bound to be tempting because of their chic looks. You can pair an oversized concert version tee with a leather jacket. Complete the look with combat boots and get that lady gaga rocking all her way look! 

  • Monochromatic look:

Last but one of the best, monochromatic looks are so classy, you’ll be tempted to wear them almost every second day. It is suggested to choose solid colors.