CA Foundation Syllabus 2022

How VSI Helps in Completing the CA Foundation Syllabus 2022 on Time?

CA Foundation Syllabus – ICAI has replaced the CPT exams with the CA Foundation in the year 2017. The CA Foundation syllabus is considered harder to complete. Also, previously all the 4 CA Foundation subjects were optional, now subjects become subjective. Therefore, many students find it difficult to complete the CA Foundation Syllabus on time.

As the syllabus is not completed on time, students can’t give proper time to revisions and solve the CA Foundation mock test papers. As a result, many students find it difficult to clear the CA Foundation exams on time.

But that’s not going to be the case with you. In this article, we are going to mention the VSI Jaipur proven tips to complete the ICAI CA Foundation syllabus 2022 before time. It is a little chance that you are not aware of VSI Jaipur, but if you’re not aware, then continue reading.

VSI Jaipur is regarded as the best CA coaching institute in India. The faculty here is good and also experienced. It always tries to impart the best quality education to all its CA students. It has the right positive environment so that students can prepare well. As a result, VSI has maintained a record of giving excellent results in the CA examination every year.

Now, let’s check out how VSI Jaipur helps in preparing for the ICAI Foundation syllabus.

How VSI Helps in Completing the CA Foundation Syllabus 2022 on time?

Before starting the tips, there is one important notice for all the students. You have to prefer only the ICAI syllabus for the preparation. Therefore, you can download the CA Foundation Syllabus pdf from the ICAI official website.

As you downloaded the CA Foundation syllabus for May/Nov 2022, check the tips to start your preparation.

Divide the CA Foundation Syllabus into Different Slots

It has been seen that if the CA foundation exam syllabus is categorized into parts, it becomes much easy to learn and revise. Therefore, VSI has implemented different slot modules for the students. This will help in the preparation in a more organized manner. Moreover, it can help students to study different topics on a proper set time and duration.

Cover the Whole Syllabus on Time

The timely completion of the CA Foundation subjects is crucial. To cover the huge elaborated syllabus before the deadline of the exam, it’s essential to be punctual and sincere.

Therefore, VSI Institute helps the students to cover the vast CA Foundation exam syllabus in the most appropriate time without making any delay. The syllabus at VSI gets completed prior to 2-3 months before the main exam. This gives the students exam time for the revision and practising mock test papers.

Practice CA Foundation Mock Test Papers

VSI Institute conducts the mock test papers on a regular basis.  The regular conduction of the CA Foundation Mock test papers helps to develop confidence within the students. Students develop good writing skills and doing a paper on time with proper punctuality within a certain time limit. Such mock test series also helps to ignite the required enthusiasm within a candidate.

Best CA Foundation Study Notes

VSI Institute provides its students with the finest CA foundation study material which is important and is aligned with the latest ICAI Foundation syllabus. This material covers all the basic relevant information and the necessary updates regarding the main CA paper. The teachers here impart the right education in CA. They also provide the necessary mental and emotional support to all the students.

Strict Study Time Table

At the VSI institute, a properly scheduled timetable is followed. This format can actually make the students more sincere and dedicated to their goals. With this schedule, one can have an organized pattern of strategic study. This will help the students to learn with a focused mind. A fixed plan is mandatory to achieve the desired target in life.

Revision Test Papers

VSI Institute commences regular weekly revision test papers in order to make the preparation of the students better for the main CA examination. CA Foundation being a tough paper to crack requires a lot of hard work. So regular practice is mandatory to fulfil the aim of good results in the CA paper.

Exam Pattern for the CA Foundation Syllabus

ICAI Pattern for the CA Foundation Syllabus

Mainly the CA Foundation syllabus 2022 includes the following things:-

  1. The CA Foundation paper basically consists of four major papers.
  2. Each paper carries 100 marks maximum and it is a total of three hours duration for every specific paper.
  3. Paper 1 & Paper 2 are the subjective types and also the Paper3 & Paper4 are of the objective type.
  4. For all wrong answers, the deduction of the marks is around 1/4th.
  5. In every paper, it’s essential for the candidates to score the minimum 40% marks in every paper. And for all the papers the 50% marks aggregate is essential.
  6. It is an offline exam that gets conducted twice. In both languages like Hindi and English, the question paper will be available.


From this article, you got to know how the VSI institute helps its students in preparing the CA Foundation Syllabus on time.

That’s why VSI students always secure top AIR ranks year by year. VSI has proved itself enough by giving fabulous results in the CA foundation paper. We recommend this institute for all CA aspirants and definitely, candidates must enrol here to secure a good rank.