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Things that Make Student Life Exciting at University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen is one of the prominent higher education institutions of Hungary. It is increasingly drawing the attention of international students every year from all over the world. The student life there is exciting enough to provide the basis for this very fact. At the University of Debrecen, students can get a chance to participate in a huge variety of extra-curricular activities.

There is a wide variety of faculties, and each faculty has student clubs running under its umbrella. The clubs are well equipped with facilities for students. For instance, the medical, athletic club provides the facilities for basketball and tennis, besides a swimming pool. You get to have student parties every Wednesday by Lovardo.

This article aims to introduce you to ways life at the University of Debrecen as a student can be exciting.

Things that make campus life at Debrecen University worth it

The University of Debrecen follows a robust set of artsy and cultural traditions. A museum named Deri is known for craftsmanship displays and a unique depiction of culture for Eastern Hungary.  Theatre performances are another frequent occurrence if you will. If all of this interests you, you can seek the help of one of the best Education Consultants in Pakistan and secure admission to the University of Debrecen.

Things that may promise an exciting student life at Debrecen are as follows:

1. Variety of restaurants and canteens

The University of Debrecen has many cafes and restaurants on the campus. There are some cafes that have their service confined to some faculties only. If you join a degree program with an engineering faculty, you will have a restaurant in your own school. Besides, there is a campus restaurant, which serves as the central café, equally welcoming student and faculty members from all schools and faculties.

Other faculties with their own cafes include Lovarda, the Medical school. Laverda had a canteen at 4028 Debrecen, whereas Medical faculty hosts a restaurant as well as a student dormitory.

2. Klinika university club

Klinika is an exciting student club, which also happens to be one of the older student clubs of the university. In the year 2005, it was re-launched with the addition of a gallery and an exquisite and aesthetic garden. The club is generous with tons of opportunities like movie nights. There are plenty of parties and concerts as a source of entertainment for fun-loving students.

3. Water tower

In the year 1913, the water tower was built in the Hungarian town of Debrecen. The tower has a bar and a café on the ground floor. There’s a gallery in the basement of the tower’s structure. On top of the tower, you can go and have an enchanting experience of observing the surrounding forest as well as the city.

The structure is not located on the premises of the University of Debrecen but is owned by the institute and serves as a key refreshment point for students associated with the university.

4. Campus bowling bar

The campus doesn’t only host a wide variety of clubs that organize entertaining events very frequently, and it also hosts a bowling bar. Apart from swimming, basketball, and tennis facilities, students have an opportunity for bowling. The bar has a fixed schedule and is open to all students.

The bar offers students with bowling lanes, table soccer as well as darts. The opening hours on Monday to Thursday stretch from 10 in the morning to 12 pm. But on Friday till Sunday, it opens at 10 am and closes at 2 pm.

Looking forward to the University of Debrecen as your study destination?

The university hosts many students hailing from different countries from all parts of the world. Do your research and study objectives align with the stud program including graduation and undergraduate study programs offered at Debrecen? Carry out comprehensive research on your list of options, and then make an informed decision. Once you are sure about the academic program you will be considering, the next step is to consider the admission requirements.

You will need the help of education consultants in Pakistan to ensure that you do not miss out on any important part of your application. After securing admission, you will also need help regarding visa requirements. The consultants may prepare you for your mock interview and help with documentation. You need to know important bits of information about the country you wish to land in. For this purpose, a pre-departure orientation will come in handy. Once you have got that, you may need post-arrival assistance.

Acquiring an education is an important part of one’s life and memories. It not only sets you on the path for your professional career but also morphs your personality. An exciting extra-curricular experience helps shape a dynamic of students. Thus, Choosing the University of Debrecen might be the best decision you take in your academic life.