Canvas Prints vs. Acrylic Prints: How to Select the Best for Your Candid Shots

Today, artworks are not limited to the creation of paintings or sketches, technology now helps you design your very own personalized artwork, using photographs from your phone, camera, or the internet. All you need to do is select the materials on which you are going to print your pictures. Yes, it’s that simple!

These days, canvas photo prints are quite the hot favorite among individuals, thanks to their availability in wide range of designs and features. However, there’s another option when it comes to wall displays, yes, its none other than acrylic prints

Both canvas and acrylic prints provide an excellent medium to exhibit the finished photography. So, if you are indecisive between the two printing mechanisms, we are spilling some features to select the best prints for your shots. This article walks you around the basics of both canvas prints and acrylic prints, to help you come up with the ideal selection of your choice. 

Let’s clear the confusion once and for all!

Selecting Prints: Canvas Prints Vs. Acrylic Prints

  • Printing Style

Canvas prints are typically created by printing images directly onto the canvas’s surface that is later stretched across the frames. Once stretched, the canvas is either wrapped around the frame or, alternatively; it’s applied with a color border. The premium quality material, paired with laminate and wood ensures that the print remains intact for an extended period and is not damaged by moisture. 

On the other hand, acrylic prints are fabricated following two different procedures. The first process involves printing the image directly on the acrylic, which is then sealed with a black and white coating. The second process, called the face-mount, prints the photo on paper that is finally pressed between two acrylic sheets to get the desired pribts. 

  • Appearance and Presentation

Canvas prints deliver a textured finish to the photo images. It gives a classic old-world feel which is perfect for preserving a large canvas wall art

These wall art prints for canvas photos are mainly done in cotton or polyester fabric. With polyester-based canvas, there is a lasting impact on the pictures, while the color typically tends to leak in the cotton cloth-based canvas. 

The acrylic prints are expensive for getting a premium appeal to the photographs. With high-end features, the color, visual depth, and sharpness in the photos are more prominent. Professional and individual artists prefer acrylic medium for its striking and robust presentation of the images. 

  • Color Contrast

Color contrast is achieved better in an acrylic print, when compared to a canvas print. With acrylic prints, the surface is usually reflective, which limits the lights passing through it, ensuring that the images can retain all their color sharpness when viewed from multiple angles. 

While on a canvas print, the main focus is on adding more colors to obtain the best color coverage for the images. Using this unique printing mechanism is the way that helps to get all the minute detailings so that it’s not lost. This process ensures that the final finished prints on the canvases look exactly vivid as you wanted. 

  • Durability and Life Span

Canvas prints come with both laminate and UV protection on their surface to boost the life span and durability of the images. It helps to preserve the canvas photo wall display from the scratches and bumps arising when shifting the images around your house or office. 

The laminate film is also ideal against water damages and cleaning the dust from the canvas using a damp piece of cloth. The surface treatment on the canvas, along with the robustness of the materials, ensures that users will get a quality life service on the prints for almost 70+ years. 

Acrylic prints, on the contrary, by their inherent nature and printing techniques, get protective benefits and durability on your photographs. The surface on the acrylic medium has a long-lasting firmness that safeguards it from most scratches and breaks. 

Just like the canvas prints, they are also equipped with UV-resistant and moisture-proof material. This means the acrylic photo arts are safe from Sun damages and are easy to clean. 

  • Portability

If you are looking for trip-ready photo art, then canvas prints have the edge over the acrylic ones. The frames on which canvas prints are displayed are lightweight and easy to move. There will not be any problem if you are moving your canvas frames from your homes and offices. 

Acrylic prints are generally heavier and require a sturdy base mount for supporting the photographs. In case you are residing in a rented apartment or have plans to relocate elsewhere, acrylic prints can add to your weight. 

  • Decor Orientation

Before hanging your new prints, take a close look and assess the characteristics of your space. Check for the lighting in the area. See what type of styling is ruling your interiors? How is the area being used? These questions are primarily important when it comes to picking between acrylic and canvas prints. 

The interiors featuring the subdued lighting with a relaxed space can opt for a canvas print. While a substantial area having ample lighting, affairs will get an ideal backdrop from sparkling acrylic prints. 

  • Pricing

Probably, pricing is the most vital factor that buyers shouldn’t miss when buying any product. The rule is applicable for your candid photo prints too. Without any doubt, the canvas prints defeat the acrylic prints for their price affordability. If you are tight on budget, canvas prints are a reliable option to preserve your snaps aesthetically within a fraction of cost. 

Having said that, the price tag on an acrylic print is a valuable investment for your photo artwork. It is the only preferable way to incorporate brilliance and precision for your most desired picture art. 

The Choice is Yours! 

The decisive factors that enable you to select a printing mechanism, depend upon your artwork styling, taste, and budget. So, there is no apparent winner as both canvas and acrylic prints have their unique features to consider.