Car Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning: How To Extend Life And Avoid Problems

Hot summer is left behind, cold days are ahead, in which one does not want to think about air cooling at all, so car owners forget about such a useful device in a car as an air conditioner. During the warm time he had to work, and before winter, it is better to check the cooling system and, if necessary, clean it so that the arrival of spring does not bring disappointment with an unpleasant smell in the cabin and the inability to set a comfortable temperature with the help of air con service. 

An air conditioner in a car works on the same principle as a refrigerator, but in a different way. It is a sealed system filled with refrigerant and special refrigeration oil, soluble in liquid freon and not afraid of low temperatures. The system consists of several elements (evaporator, condenser, receiver-drier, thermostatic expansion valve (TRV) and fan), which are connected to each other by hoses and pipes. The pressure in the system is created by the compressor, controlled by its sensors, and all this is controlled by a separate electronic unit. In the warm season, the air conditioner lowers the temperature in the cabin, in damp weather in spring, autumn and even in winter it helps to fight misted windows by drying the air.

In most cases, failures in the operation of an air conditioner are associated with a leakage of refrigerant evaporating through microcracks and cracks that form over time in the pipes, between the seals and in the radiator. Therefore, it is advisable to control the pressure in the system at least in the off-season or consult an air conditioning service expert, at least once a year. In addition to its main function, the refrigerant participates in the lubrication of compressor parts, which will not last long without it either.

Symptoms Of Minor Faults And Their Solutions

Poor ventilation, slow temperature changes and unpleasant odors are obvious but not global problems. If they are noticed in time and the cause of their occurrence is eliminated, then much larger troubles can be avoided.

Poor ventilation and therefore foggy windows are caused by a clogged cabin air filter during auto air conditioning. It is recommended to replace it every 15 thousand km or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Another reason is the “slipping” of the compressor drive belt, which is corrected by correct tension or replacement.

The long drop in temperature is caused by the inefficiency of the system. The reason is a clogged condenser (it is located behind a car radiator and suffers most from external contamination) and an evaporator, the area of which is not enough for cooling. Remove dirt mechanically and check the cooling fins for damage and leaks.

If the air conditioner has not been used for a long time, then the air stagnant in the system becomes a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria, mold and other microorganisms, which give an unpleasant odor when turned on. It is necessary to periodically run the system for “airing” and use antibacterial agents.

There are several types of fabric conditioner flushes that you can use yourself. The chemical composition is introduced into the system through the air intake and, after washing the external parts, flows down through the drainage hole. These drugs also have disinfectant and antibacterial properties. If they are used periodically, then you can postpone the global cleaning of the air conditioner and avoid unpleasant odors.

Breakdown Of The Main Parts Of The System

Leaks can be the primary cause of sudden and obvious deterioration in air conditioner performance. Their appearance is possible at any joint due to a torn worn hose or a gap in the tube. You can check the system for leaks visually using a foam solution or using an electronic or color indicator.

The non-working state of the system can also be caused by its depressurization, which, in turn, will entail the replacement of the receiver-dryer. The same action is possible if this element is clogged with debris accumulated inside the system.

The most serious repairs are threatened in the event of a compressor breakdown; its cost can be up to 1000 dollars. The fact that a problem has arisen can be signaled by noise arising from a broken pulley bearing, regardless of whether the air conditioner is running or not. With its elimination, it is better not to tighten, since the bearing can jam or break the drive belt that transmits torque from the car engine. If a roar is already emanating from the compressor, then it is necessary to immediately stop its operation until the mechanism collapses and leads to its replacement, which entails flushing the system, changing the oil and even installing a new receiver-drier and expansion valve. In any case, when driving to a service, it is better to disconnect the compressor drive belt from the engine.

If the compressor does not turn on at positive temperatures, then there are two main reasons. The first is low system pressure due to a leak. The second, more general one, is an electrical malfunction, which is already more difficult to diagnose, but easier to fix, if, for example, the matter is in a contact that has gone away.

And in conclusion – a couple more tips. When operating a car with air conditioning service perth, it is useful to check the oil level in the engine, coolant in the radiator, and the tension of the accessory drive belt more often. This is due to the increased load on the engine, which is created by the operating air conditioner. If the system does not work well, then the fuel consumption in the car increases, and in order to avoid daily expenses, it is better to tidy up the air conditioner.