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Cbd E Liquids – The Uk’s Most Popular Way To Vape Cbd

Vaping CBD is incredibly popular – in particular, vaping CBD e liquid in the UK. Many people have already shifted over to vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking and some of these people have stopped smoking nicotine entirely. Instead they are opting to vape just flavoured vape juice. As such, CBD  e liquid provides a great vaping option. Not only does CBD have a number of health benefits, but the cannabis flavours also offer a delicious and delicate taste profile and, most importantly, it does not contain nicotine!  

When you decide to vape CBD, you cannot just fill a vaporiser device with any CBD oil. This will most likely break the device. There are two main types of CBD you can vape – CBD e liquid and CBD vape oil. What makes them different is their CBD concentration, consistency and general mix. 

CBD e liquid is similar to any other e liquid – they are all made using a base mix of PG and VG. The ratio of which will determine your vaping experience. To this mix either nicotine, flavouring (either natural or artificial) or hemp extract (if a CBD e liquid) is dissolved depending on the e liquid you are looking to formulate. 

The most popular CBD e liquids in the UK are ones that mimic the flavour profile of the cannabis plant. This is when natural terpenes derived from cannabis strains are mixed in with the PG / VG base and the hemp extract. These natural terpenes give the CBD e liquid a delightful herbaceous taste. It is important when you are buying CBD e liquid in the UK, that you find a brand that uses natural cannabis terpenes as you can really taste the difference to synthetic, artificial flavouring. Personally, I do not like when my vape liquids are too sweet and sickly, so have always avoided unnatural flavour profiles so you may be different – in which case there are still plenty of CBD e liquids in the UK that will work for you like banana express. 

CBD e liquids can come in different strengths, but because they are diluted down by a base mixture they will be a lot less potent than a far more concentrated vape oil. For example CBD e liquids usually aren’t much stronger than 10% whereas a CBD vape oil can go up to 65%. CBD e liquids that claim to be higher than 10% I’d avoid as, due to the base solution, this will be hard to maintain a smooth, still tasty vape experience.