Medical School Applicants

A Checklist For Medical School Applicants

You know that you are going to start a new, important phase of your life. You want to succeed in the field of medicine. Prepare for a long journey. You need to ensure that the medical school admission committee approves your medical school admission application. If you are not 100% confident that you can write an impressive medical school personal statement or you have no idea of the medical school admission process, you must consider med school admissions consulting.        


Assuming that you have a good GPA and a good record of extracurricular activities, research and clinical experience, the very first step to this journey is your medical school admission application. Whether or not you will be called for the next round, depends on your application.

There is a shortage of healthcare professionals in the country. However, this has nothing to do with the chances of your success in medical school admission. Medical schools give importance to what you bring with you. They want to produce the best healthcare professionals. 

You will have to go through fierce competition. You must write an impressive medical school personal statement. Medical school admissions consulting can be of great help. The purpose of this article is also to help you with a checklist. 

MCAT Scores  

Having impressive MCAT scores increases your chances of application approval. If you have already taken the exam and you don’t have impressive MCAT scores, speak to someone offering med school admission consulting. Don’t be disappointed. A good advisor can help you in improving in other areas. Retaking is also an option. 

Letter of Recommendations 

One of the most important parts of your medical school application is the letter of recommendation. A letter of recommendation reflects your academic performance, research work, volunteer experience, extracurriculars, professional experience and other great accomplishments. These letters help in impressing the admission committee with your diverse qualities. Someone will write a letter of recommendation for you. Make a list of people to get letters of recommendation. Get this letter from people you have worked with closely such as volunteering officials, employees, advisors and professors. 

Personal Statement 

Your medical school personal statement is an important part of your personal statement. It answers some important questions such as why do you want to be a doctor. Writing a medical school personal statement is not easy. Therefore, count on a medical school personal statement editing services provider.      

Shadowing Experience 

Clinical shadowing provides you with opportunities to observe and understand how physicians work in clinical settings. You need this experience to show that you are really interested in medicine and this is the right career for you. You need to show that you have a good sense of the environment in clinical settings. Your med school admissions consulting expert can help you in finding such opportunities. You can also speak to your professors and teachers. 

Research Experience 

Though it is not mandatory, your clinical experience can be very helpful. Check your college’s website or bulletin board to learn about research opportunities.  

Volunteer Work 

Your volunteer work shows that you are committed to serving humanity. You can get this experience in rehabilitation centers, nursing homes or hospitals. An NGO can also provide you with such opportunities. 

Medical Schools 

Make a list of schools to apply to. Do your research about schools and available programs.