PTE Examination

Common Mistakes to Avoid During the PTE Examination

Are you ready to give the PTE academic exam? Unfortunately, many nervous candidates tend to commit mistakes that can later cost them highly.

These ordinary errors anyone can easily ignore by being extra careful. If you wish to score perfectly without making errors, you should learn from the PTE examination practice test. From our experience, we have come across some of the common and repeated mistakes that candidates often make.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During the PTE Examination

· Fast is not every time fluent

Some candidates get confused about the speed when it comes to fluency in the PTE speaking mock test. They attempt to speak very fast which impacts their speaking score in fluency. When they speak very fast, clarity and fluency will suffer. It will not be clear. So candidates should opt for speed that is not too fast, not too slow. They should aim for regular speed and attempt to keep it throughout the whole time of your speech.

· Incorrect use of tense and language

Another common mistake we often observe is using the false form of tense while describing things and situations. For example, you probably use “is” and “was” to describe the same situation. Or using present continuous tense in place of present simple tense.

Althoughit seems to be a small error, it can affect your marks. Also, it’s a good idea to skip using casual and informal language. Try to go for formal and academic use of language.

· Using filler words and sounds

Candidates often rely on making filler sounds like ‘Uhm,’ ‘aah,’ etc. while thinking of words to be spoken. It negatively impacts your fluency score. Another option is to prepare well for the PTE speaking mock test so that the filler words “like,” “you know,” and sounds are not used anymore. The more you prepare for PTE regularly, the better you get used to it.

· Not sticking to the word limit

You need to follow the word limit mentioned in every question certainly. Don’t cross or fall short of this number. For instance, if the limit given to you is 300-400, make sure that your answer is above 300 but not exceeding more than 400 words.

· Don’t take long pauses.

In the PTE speaking section, it is important to know that the microphone will automatically go off if you pause for more than 3 seconds. Anything you will speak after that will not be recorded. So ensure that you keep this thing in mind and practice it from the PTE practice test.

· Grammatical mistakes and misuse of vocabulary

You need to look out for minor grammatical mistakes such as false punctuation marks or misspelled words. A missing comma seems insignificant to you, but it can adversely affect your PTE score. Hence, you should always proofread your work before submitting it.

Also, a point to remember is that some candidates pad their sentences with unnecessary and complex words to sound smart. So instead of that, write clear and short points that flex your vocabulary muscles judiciously.

· Forget about negative markings

Many questions in the PTE Academic test do not contain negative markings. But some types like choosing multiple answers include negative marking questions. So choose the option carefully after reading the question. Wrong selection can lead you to score low. However, the lowest mark is still zero.

· Use of many repetitive words

Many people have a habit of using certain words again and again. For example, “literally,” “basically.” So make sure you avoid doing both in your speaking and writing.

· Stumble while giving an answer

Many candidates started panicking when they thought the error had been made from their side. And stumbles with “ahmmm.” Don’t pause or go back to explain why there was an error or try to correct it etc. Even if you think you made a mistake, don’t pause while recording your answer.

· A better PTE score is on your way

A small mistake can make you far from scoring a good PTE score. So stay extra cautious and pay attention to even small but significant points. Don’t commit these mistakes while taking the test; get lots of PTE practice tests and prepare yourself well. It is natural to make mistakes but be alert. Take help from online PTE coaching. And keep in mind all of these things; no one can stop you from being a good scorer.