Common mistakes to avoid when building your own workstation computer?

Common mistakes to avoid when building your own workstation computer?

You have decided to take the leap and have begun the process of planning to build your very own workstation. 

For those who are unsure and are wanting to guarantee a fault-free experience, making sure that you have followed the correct precautions is a recommended step to helping you to build the best possible computer.

Whether you are intending on designing a high spec graphic and media workstation for your editing needs, or a workstation that can quickly and effortlessly analyze large quantities of data, a custom build workstation is a recommended addition for all your needs. 

A satisfying experience, experience the pleasure of building your own workstation and be prepared and plan ahead to ensure that your new project is conducted as stress-free as possible. 

To help you with this new and unknown experience, we have put together a list of common mistakes by first time builders, helping you to avoid making these mistakes for yourself. 

Here are our 10 common PC building mistakes and how to avoid them.

Common mistakes to avoid when building your own workstation computer?

1 – Buying cheap parts

When building your first PC, you may be working to the mission to keep all costs to a complete minimum and to do so, you may choose to purchase cheap parts. This should be avoided and can result in the creation of an underwhelming workstation that might struggle to live up to its intended purpose. 

Instead of going for the cheapest parts around, take the time to do some research, reading the reviews and specifications while making sure that it can perform the most basic of tasks that you require.

If you are trying to keep costs to a minimum, check the warranty and guarantee to make sure that you are covered and protected in case you need to return or send off your part in the future for repair. 

2 – Not checking that the components are compatible

It can be easily excused particularly for first-time workstation builders and that is forgetting to check that all their purchased parts are compatible with one another. With some parts not able to work together, this simple mistake could waste both time and money if not conducted.

For example, a common PC building mistake and that is not checking that the chosen CPU will fit the motherboard socket. For many, this simple mistake will be discovered too late only when they are getting around to assembling the machine. 

3 – Choosing a Graphics Card that is incompatible with the monitor

A common mistake and an easily forgotten one and that is the compatibility between the graphics card and the monitor. When building the PC, many builders tend to focus on the core of the computer, instead of looking at how the computer will appear when plugged into a monitor. 

For those first time builders, choosing a graphics card that is too powerful or weak for your monitor is often experienced. By taking the time to choose a graphics card that is compatible with your monitor of choice, you can save yourself money while receiving the intended frame rates as desired. 

A common mistake and one which is witnessed regularly and that is the paring of a high-end video card alongside a cheap 1080p monitor. 

4- Not purchasing Windows

Many first time builders spend much of their time and attention focusing on the parts that they choose to place into their computer, often forgetting the software that they are planning on using until the time comes to switch on their device. 

By writing a list, you can make sure that the purchasing of Windows is not forgotten, guaranteeing that you have put together an operating system that you can use. 

With two options available, choose between Windows and Linux. Each has its own benefits and can be used for a range of different purposes, whether for gaming or everyday tasks required of your hand-built workstation. 

5- Forgetting to purchase standoff screws

An essential and invaluable tool when creating your hand-built workstation and that is standoff screws. Don’t make this common PC building mistakes and forget to purchase standoff screws.

Used for connecting the motherboard to the case, as well as holding the PC together, along with purchasing standoff screws, it is recommended that you purchase extra as it is surprisingly easy to mistakenly damage the screws as you enter them and go to tighten them into your workstation. 

It is also recommended that before you go to tighten your screws, double-check that they are correctly entered to avoid having to remove and reapply them at a later stage. 

6 – Not checking that everything is plugged in 

You have built and put together your PC and the time has come to check that it is correctly working. A common and easily completed mistake and that is not double-checking that all the components are correctly plugged in, into each other. 

A common mistake for many first time PC builders and that is not checking that the CPU or motherboard power connector are correctly plugged in. Vital for the safety and operation of the PC, by ensuring that all cables are connected, you can test the true function of your hand-built workstation without endangering your device. 

7 – Not saving component warranties

You have taken the time to choose and pick the best parts for your custom-built workstation, but instead of choosing to safely store the warranty and manuals, you decide instead to bin them. Huge mistake. One of the most common mistakes experienced when building a workstation and that is not keeping all the manuals and warranties. 

By keeping them in a safe position, you can find them if a fault was to occur and you need to send them off to be replaced. Along with a safety net for if a fault was to occur. By keeping the manuals, you can make sure that you have all the required materials for when you are needing to read how to correctly place them and how to connect them with the rest of the components. 

8 – Incorrect positioning of the fans

An essential component, helping to cool down the system while it is getting hot and functioning, to complete the required task. A common PC building mistakes and that is the incorrect positioning of the fans within the case. By not checking the position of the fans, the fans can push the hot air back towards the components, leading to a build-up of hot air within the case.  

9 – Adding too much thermal paste

A thermal conductive compound that is added to parts to help retain heat, a common PC building mistake for novice computer builders and that is using too much thermal paste.

When used, it is recommended that you only use a small amount, the size of a small pea, however, many new builders often find themselves getting trigger happy applying far too much.

Another silly mistake experienced when applying the thermal paste and that is not checking the level of the surface that you are applying the paste onto. Make sure that the surface is even to ensure an effortless, even coverage. 

10 – Not reading the manuals

In the final of our common PC building mistakes, it is surprising to note how many people when building their first workstation, forget to read and check the manual and instructions. 

Instructions have been created for your ease and to make sure that all the building of the workstation has been conducted to the highest standard. 

With a manual included for all parts purchased, unless you are an expert and are confident with their way around the back end of a computer, it is highly recommended that you review and follow the instructions to a tee, 

There you have it, 10 top common PC building mistakes experienced by first time builders. 

By taking note, creating a checklist and reading through the manuals as you build and develop your hand-built computer, you can make sure that your device is built to the highest standards and to the specification that you seek. 

An enjoyment to create and with much satisfaction and pride to follow, building a computer is a worthwhile and valuable skill that you can treasure for years to come.

Let us know your thoughts and whether you too have built a homemade computer and which mistakes featured above you too are guilty of completing.