COVID 19 Safety Myths Risky for Your Next Event

COVID 19 Safety Myths Risky for Your Next Event

Pandemic is the word that only belonged to world history for the modern generation of the twenty-first century. People thought pandemics could only come in the old times, as there was no technology and advancement in the medical field. However, all these speculations proved wrong when the COVID-19 virus emerged, and the free movement of people supported by technology played an important role in its spread.

The virus erupted from china, but the countries popular among tourists like the United Arab Emirates were in the first few to shut down their doors and impose lockdown. The lockdown also took a great toll on the physical and mental well being of the public. So, the authorities decided to open everything by following the safety precautions. However, all the precautions and practices are not right.

This article is meant to highlight the COVID-19 safety myths that are risky for your next event.

Top 5 Myths About COVID 19 Safety You Shouldn’t Ignore in Events

The coronavirus has instilled fear and anxiety among the public across the globe. The researchers and medics are busy finding the cure; however, the public cannot stay hidden in homes until then. They need to earn as well as enjoy a little entertainment to go on with life. In such a scenario, events can provide them the necessary energy if they are organized appropriately.

It is necessary to follow safety tips; however, the following are some safety myths about COVID-19 to which you should not pay much heed.

1. People Can Decide Their SOPs

Ever since the coronavirus’s emergence, the doctors, governments, and concerned authorities are stressing the need to follow standard operating procedures. These are necessary to avoid the contract and spread the virus.

However, a myth practiced in events is that people can decide their own SOPs. It means they can work out their social distance, hygiene practices, as well as speculations about contracting the virus. This is not true, and SOPs should be the same for all. This is the main reason most event organizers are acquiring the help of event companies in Abu Dhabi to arrange professional events with the proper imposition of SOPs.

2. Thermal Screening is Enough to Catch Cases

One of the most common safety myths related to the coronavirus is that thermal screening is enough to catch the cases. However, it is not true at all. The thermal screening cannot classify the possibility of virus contraction, as there are several other symptoms.

So, if you are organizing an event, do not just rely on thermal screening. People who have contracted the virus may not have a high temperature. Use proper and professional means of screening to help avoidance of virus spread.

3. Deep Cleaning the Venue Will Control Spread

Another falsely believed the safety myth related to the virus is that deep cleaning the venue will control the spread. The cleaning and purification of the venue is an essential step towards eliminating the virus spread; however, it is not enough.

Even if the venue is deep cleaned, people need to sanitize or wash their hands and maintain a social distance. The virus can spread in a few minutes, even in the deep cleaned spaces, if the precautions are not followed.

4. People from Specific Age Group Can Contract Virus

One of the most common practices seen during the pandemic is targeting the population of specific age groups for virus spread. People belonging to the old age groups, children, and those with low immunity are at greater risk of contracting the virus.

However, according to the myth, only people from the mentioned groups can contract the virus. So, the event organizers often limit the attendance of such risky groups in their effort to save others. You cannot save attendees by doing so, but by following medically approved precautions.

5. Asymptomatic People Cannot Spread Virus

One of the greatest myths that have played a substantial role in spreading the virus is that the asymptomatic people cannot spread the virus. These are such people who do not actively portray the symptoms of the virus, but they have contracted it.

If a person does not portray the symptoms but has the virus, it does not mean that he cannot spread it. If you do not look ill, it does not end the illness. So, you need to be very careful when organizing an event in such a situation. You can hire the help of event companies in Abu Dhabi to manage events in a safe environment or even switch to virtual events.

Do not follow myths while ensuring event safety!

Summing up, coronavirus has increased the fear factor of the public across the globe, which is making them blindly follow the safety myths. The safety myths can prove more dangerous as they contribute to the spread of the virus instead of controlling it.

So, you need to be extra careful while organizing an event. It is much better to switch to virtual events for the time being and consult the professionals to make it the best.