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Credit cards which are best suited for travellers

Ever wondered how it feels like to travel across the globe and explore the things you never experienced before? Our planet earth is huge and there are many more things to explore. Visiting different countries and exploring them is a dream come true for every individual. Therefore many individuals are hunting for credit cards which can help them to minimise their travel expenses. Although there are multiple credit cards available in the market which helps you to minimise your travelling expense. Moreover, there are some credit cards specially designed to smoothen your travel experience by not only minimising your travel expense but also with some amazing key benefits and features. Travel credit cards are considered to be one of the premium credit cards in the market. Therefore, financial institutions and banks usually avail these credit cards to individuals with a good CIBIL score. Having a good CIBIL score can avail you of multiple benefits.

The CIBIL score defines the individual’s creditworthiness in front of the bank and financial institutions. A CIBIL score is the numeric form of description and falls between 300 to 900. To have access to these premium credit cards, your CIBIL score should be closer to 900.

Credit cards for travellers

An African jungle safari or just a Dubai trip with family, every individual got a different travel bucket list. Indeed it is possible with travel credit cards as they not just minimise your travel expense but also make your travel experience smooth with their key benefits and features. The list of Best travel credit cards is as follows:-

Citi PremierMiles Credit card for travellers

The Citi PremierMiles Credit card is truly a travel buddy for sure. It stands unique in the market as it got some admirable key features and benefits. This is best suited for the individuals who travel frequently. It does not just save up your pocket, but also provides you with air miles benefits, you can earn and redeem your miles with several well-known airlines. This credit card provides you with 10,000 miles as a welcome gift.

Other key benefits and features are as follows:-

  • You can avail yourself of 3,000 free miles every year (T&C  apply).
  • Three thousand rupees is a joining fee.
  • Discount on domestic flights and sometimes even free domestic flights per year (T&C).

Air India SBI Signature credit card for travellers

The Air India SBI Signature credit card is a fantastic card for frequent Air India travellers. Itan efficient credit card as it also fulfils all the requirements of the travellers. This card is design for Air India loyalists. It lets you earn up to 4% points which are supposedly equal to the number of Air India miles. 1 lakh Air India miles which are also equal to the 1 lakh points. Moreover, this premium credit card is for those who want to stick with Air India services.

The traveller Axis Bank Vistara Signature credit card

This credit card is design for frequent Vistara users. It comes along with 2% club Vistara points which can be use to upgrade your flights and as well as avail the free Vistar flight ticket. The best part of this credit card is that you can avail yourself of up to four premium economy tickets in Vistara a year by reaching the spending milestone. This card got more to give which are as follows:-

  • Silver membership for club Vistara.
  •  It lets you avail of golf access with a discount.
  • It provides you with travel insurance.

MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit card

The MakeMyTrip ICICI Signature Credit card is an ideal card for travellers. This premium credit card provides you with features and benefits which are very astonishing. This is one of the best credit cards in India in the market for travel credit cards. This credit card is designed for the traveller who does not want to compromise on the luxury, then this premium credit is best suit for you. This credit card offers reward points as well as a welcome gift voucher. You can earn one  My cash point on the MMT application which is equivalent to one rupee. You can use reward points to make a booking for hotels, cabs and flight tickets. Which will save your travel expenses. This card is design for MakeMyTrip users only.