Looking for a Customized Order for a Big Project?

Business owners looking to start a business and importing customized LED lights can be in a fix when deciding on a vendor. Any business strategy can become a hassle if there is not a solid plan in place. When starting a business relationship, it is essential that both parties are on the same page. When it comes to doing business in China, the biggest barrier is probably the language.

The Chinese pride themselves when conversing in their mother tongue while outlanders find the language quite a difficult one. However, the Chinese have understood the importance of speaking in English and working their way to speaking other, more common languages. Importing LED lights from China has become quite common in recent times.

When you start you search for a reliable vendor, you will notice how their websites have developed and evolved over time. They provide all relevant information in English making it easy for you to understand the basics of the language. Moreover, when you contact them to get further information, they will be able to speak to you properly and get their message across.

Building a Strong Business Relationship

A strong business relationship does not develop overnight. It takes transparency, dedication, and consistency to get there. There are a few things that you must keep in mind before embarking on a strong business journey with your Chinese vendor.

  1. Stay Authentic and Expect No Less – it is easy to adopt a false persona online but it can only lead to disappointment and a waste of time and money. Stay authentic to who you are so your vendor knows what to expect from you. This works vice versa too, so clear your expectations to your business partner.
  2. Focus on Shared Values Rather than Same Views – in every relationship of life, people seek out those who have similar values in life. The same points of view do not matter, but the foundation of values will go a long way.
  3. Respecting Business Partners – this takes time but it is essential for growth. Build a relationship that is based on mutual respect for you and your business partner. Unless you find a supplier or a vendor through a trusted connection, building respect in a business relationship will come over time.
  4. Show Your Vulnerability – being humans means facing challenging times and getting out of them together. Make sure that you only show your weakness to a selected few and not go public with it. Be careful who you trust here as showing a position of weakness can backfire on your business profile.
  5. Show Support – while you show your weak side, expect your business partner to show you theirs. When this happens, show them the support you would have liked to receive when you were in a fix yourself. A great way to build a strong business relationship is showing your partner that you have their back.
  6. Meaningful Connections are a Win – when you network in the business industry always give something valuable so you can benefit from it in the future. Say you speak to a supplier but he or she does not fit your current criteria, make sure you end the conversation with a positive feeling. This will ensure that if you need this vendor for a future business plan, you can always reach them and expect a positive response.
  7. Get Personal – talking about personal life can lead to a stronger bond in any business relationship. Make sure that you stay within limits but also get a little personal when it comes to discussing professional history, future business plans, and so on. Some discussion about families does not hurt.

These tactics can go a long way when it comes to building a business relationship with anyone around the world. The business partners in China are no different and you can always rely on them to stay committed to building a strong bond with you.

Placing an Order

Once you have decided on a supplier, follow the above-mentioned tactics, and get on with your plans for starting a business deal. If you are one of those who are looking to place a large order of customized LED lights, China is your best option. You can reach out to a reliable vendor and ask all the questions you may have from him or her. Make sure you clear all the confusion about the orders, the types, payments, and delivery.

Make sure to check on the supplier’s credibility by doing a thorough search online. Looking at the testimonials and reviews of the supplier can give you a fair idea about how your business deal is going to be fulfilled. It is a good idea to go for a vendor who has already been in the field for some time now. This makes your order fulfillment easier since the supplier already has a set channel for shipment and set up for manufacturing.

Once you are sure about such a vendor, you can place your order.

Questions to Ask

Make sure to ask the following questions to your supplier before you confirm your order;

  1. Does he or she have a manufacturing setup?
  2. Can he or she fulfill a large order?
  3. How does he or she deal with customized orders?
  4. What is the packaging like?
  5. What is the shipment channel and how much does it cost?

If your vendor already has a factory – the size does not matter – it means that your order will be manufactured. This means that you can place a customized order of your choice. Having a setup where new orders can be treated with respect and fulfilled on time, means that your supplier is worth your investment.

A medium or large-sized setup can take care of bulk orders with quite ease. Shine Long is one such LED lights manufacturing company that takes and fulfills bulk orders. Being in the industry for the last 20 years, they have great expertise in the field.

Shipment Charges

Getting your order shipped to your home country can be a great challenge as well. You need to ensure that your vendor already has a delivery channel. This will ensure that you get your customized order delivered to you on time. Furthermore, the delivery charges for a supplier who has a channel set will be lower than others.

You can look for ways to lower the costs of delivery. But bear in mind that your country may impose customs charges. Different countries have different duties that every import has to bear. You may be required to pay for these duties since the vendor will not be responsible to pay for them. Do your research long before you set your business deal and add these additional duties in your business charges.


The packaging of your order needs to be sturdy. Make sure you talk about your expectations with the supplier and tell him or her how you want your order packaged. Every piece should be separately bubble-wrapped and boxed before being stored in larger cartons. Since LED lights are delicate with their bulbs being very small, they are prone to damage easily.

The packaging will not add to the costs of your order but if it does, make sure you opt for it. Having a bulk order delivered to our destination country can take a lot of time. If your order is being delivered through the sea, make sure that every package has some air ventilation. However, if your order is being delivered through the air, the package should be airtight. This will not add any additional weight to your order but only ensure its safety.

It is also a good idea to order additional pieces. The chances of your supplier throwing in additional pieces are high anyway. Make sure you discuss all these points in advance to keep the transaction as transparent as possible.

Customized Orders

Usually, most suppliers deal in standardized orders and when you place one, you get the deal as it is. However, when you place an order that is different from the standard, you can find it hard to find the appropriate supplier. Luckily, experienced Chinese vendors like Shine Long deal with such orders all the time.

Make sure that you set the standards on what you are looking for, when you want it delivered and how you want it delivered to you. Keeping everything clear from the start can ensure that there are no surprises or disappointments when the order is fulfilled. Both you and your supplier should be on the same page when the order is placed.

In the end, it is all about how transparent you are when finalizing the business deal. Customization of an order can take time and extra effort. While your supplier will be ready to get on board with you, you need to ensure that your expectations are clear while your order is perfectly understood by the vendor.

If you are ready to import your LED lights, consider ShineLong as your first stop for finding the best and most reliable lights available in China.