Customs and rituals people follow during engagement ceremony in London, UK

An engagement is a ceremony in which a potential groom formally asks his potential wife to marry her. Although a lot has changed in the way this age old tradition is carried out, some things remain the same like popping the question along with a ring. There may be slight differences in the way this is done in different parts of the world but the crux ceremony is that two people who love each other promise to marry each other. Listed below are the customs and rituals followed during an engagement ceremony in United Kingdom.

When a couple decides to marry each other, it is imperative for the potential groom to inform the potential bride’s father regarding his interest to marry her and obtain her parents’ approval for the same. Usually the father of the bride has the duty to choose a suitable groom for his daughter and therefore his consent plays an important role in the entire engagement ceremony. It is also important for the mother of the bride to approve of her potential son in law. However, this is not followed of the parents of the bride are deceased.

Once the consent of the parents has been obtained, the potential groom has to ask his partner to marry him. Traditionally this is done by going down on one knee in front of his partner and asking her to marry him by offering her a ring. However, times have changed now and it’s not imperative for the man to go down on one knee. He can ask his partner to marry him with a temporary ring and later go shopping for selecting an engagement ring like a lab diamond engagement ring or a natural diamond engagement ring.

After popping the question, the bride and the groom to be go shopping for an engagement ring. This was not done earlier, but the modern brides like to have a say in the design of the engagement ring since they will be the one wearing it and hence it has become quite popular for ladies to go shopping with their partners for an engagement ring after they have been asked for marriage. In London, Hatton Garden in a large hub of jewellery in general and therefore most couples head here to buy an engagement ring of their choice. Hatton Garden provides a vast variety of ornaments which are not just budget friendly but can also be personalized according to your choice and taste.

All these events are generally followed by an engagement party where the family and friends of both the bride and groom to be come together to be introduced to each other. In such cases, the potential bride is required to not wear the ring until the party. The first speech is made by the father of the bride where he announces the engagement after which the groom also makes a speech. He then goes down on one knee to propose marriage to the bride and the couple is said to be engaged once she says yes and accepts the ring made of Hatton Garden lab grown diamonds.