Concrete Foundation Repair

Do You Need a Concrete Foundation Repair Contractor?

Are you looking for a concrete foundation repair contractor? If you are a building manager, you know the importance of your building foundation. Knowing that this is only half the battle, the other half is doing something about it.


Restoring your concrete can be an annual affair. Any structure with concrete blocks as its foundation needs some repairs from time to time. This is especially true if you live in a temperate climate or get a good amount of rain each year. Water is the most destructive force for concrete, and basements are notorious for cracks caused by water damage.

Moisture intrusion

When cracks appear in your concrete, the worst thing that can happen is moisture intrusion. The water that comes into the whole foundation slowly but indeed weakens it. Damaged concrete is prone to breakage, breakage, and leakage. In addition to the obvious safety hazards of cracked and broken concrete, leaky concrete can be costly, embarrassing, and annoying.

Can you imagine someone looking at the broken concrete block of your parking garage?

Cause of crack

The most common cause of broken or cracked concrete is the movement of soil beneath the structure. The ground directly under the basement sometimes moves and cracks in the concrete.

An experienced concrete foundation repair contractor has a variety of ways to repair your cracked or broken concrete. For example, the most common method would be to improve the concrete first, then dig deep holes in the soil to remove the load from the foundation.

That way, you know if your concrete foundation needs to be repaired …

  • Cracks on the inner wall
  • Doors no longer open or close properly
  • Windows no longer open or close properly
  • The cupboards are no longer closed properly.
  • The floors are uneven or uneven.
  • Cracks in concrete exterior blocks/bricks