Duomly - let’s learn programming!

Duomly – let’s learn programming!

Duomly is an easy, interactive, and fun way to learn to program. The app was the idea of two programmers who know exactly what kind of pain it brings to find a good, exciting, programming courses and not get too confused. The idea was to make it fun and show people that writing code isn’t a quantum physics, and everyone can learn how to code. Duomly was build to fulfill this need, to give everybody who wants to learn an accessible way to get the technical knowledge in a human way, with beautiful graphics around. We wanted to build the app which lets users learn something cool, in a way they will enjoy it like never before.

Duomly – how it works exactly?

After you create a new account at Duomly, we will offer you different types of courses, on every level of advancement. For those who feel confused, we prepared career paths, which are a step by step way to learn a specific profession or master certain skills. Selecting one of the ready career paths allows you to follow your goal in the most straightway.

Courses in the path are ordered in a specific way, starting from the basic, first is always a theory course. This fun and interactive course is going to make you familiar with all the concepts which you should know at every advancement level. During this part, you are completing a set of lessons, fulfilling exciting challenges to memorize the information you’ve read. The feedback is given immediately as you complete the task

The next step in every career path is to a section with a few project building courses. We assume you are ready to practice the knowledge gained in the technical course. So, we prepared you a nice playground, and we start to write your first coding project. That’s an exciting step, where you are following the information we gave you to build a project and see the result of your code immediately in the special section.

Career paths consist of a few theoretical and practical sections to let you gather the skills you need in the selected profession.

Duomly - let’s learn programming!

After completing every course, we want to show you how proud we are, and we created certificates, which you can download. The certificate confirms the in-demand skills you’ve just learned.

Our offer is growing all the time, and we are creating a lot of new content for our users. This is why we add to Duomly a coming soon section, where we show the courses, which are under construction and will be available soon. Thanks to this feature, you can plan your further development path and skills which you want to learn in a near feature.


Besides a range of exciting programming courses and career paths, inside Duomly, you will find lots of features which make learning easier:

  • three types of courses to let you select exactly what you need, and learn how you prefer. You can have fun with interactive courses, building projects with our build courses, or solving tasks and reading lots of interesting theory,
  • dark mode feature which will make you comfortable with learning at night,
  • advanced filtering to let you easily find what you need without wasting your time,
  • time and level assigned to every course, to let you know how much time you need to finish the course and if it’s good to your knowledge level,
  • coming soon section, where we publish courses which will be available on our website in a few days or weeks,
  • an easy user interface, because there is no point to lose your time to learn how our app works, you can start learning from the first second,
  • blog with lots of interesting tutorials and articles about programming,
  • and much more.

Duomly - let’s learn programming!

We created Duomly to give you an excellent experience of learning, and to show that technical knowledge can be passed in a more pleasant way, that long books or videos. We want our students to be involved and active, to solve challenges and feel they are really getting new skills, but learning is also fun. Learning how to code isn’t impossible anymore.

Enjoy learning like never before!

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