Rakhi Designs Ideas

Easy And Unique DIY Handmade Rakhi Designs Ideas For Little Ones

Raksha Bandhan is one of the famous Hindu festivals which celebrates the love & affection between the brothers & sisters. Siblings are first friends & partners in crime. They shared a lovely bond which you can not describe in the words. A healthy relationship with your siblings ensures that you have a special buddy in your life that helps you in every circumstance & always guides you in the right direction. They also offer you unconditional support when everyone is against you. So, to celebrate this holy relationship Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year. On this great day, sisters tie a beautiful rakhi around their brother’s wrist. Brothers & sisters also greet each other with unique & exclusive send rakhi gifts. Do you want to inform your kids about this fantastic festival? Yes! Every parent wants to create a strong bond between their little ones. So the best way to do this is to celebrate this festival with great fun with your kids. As your children see it, then they get knowledge about this tradition. You can also engage your little ones in making the best DIY handmade rakhi designs. If you are looking for the best rakhi designs then you can take help from this article as here we listed some awesome rakhi design ideas for the little ones.

Here are some of the best & fantastic rakhi designs ideas for little ones:

Superman Rakhi

You all know that every kid loves the superman. So a superman rakhi would be the best rakhi design ideas for the little ones. They remain excited while making a superman rakhi design. To make this rakhi, children required the glue, thin foam sheets, satin ribbon, children’s craft cutter, & superman themed sticker. Firstly cut the ribbon into sufficient length & also the foam sheets into the required shape. Now, spread the glue on the foam sheet & paste the superman logo on it. Now your superman designed rakhi is ready. You can also adore it with other gifts. There is an immense range of gifts for rakhi available in the gift shops. So select the one as per your choice & delight your brother.

Heart Rakhi

There is nothing more delightful than making a beautiful rakhi with a heart on it. Right! For making this stunning rakhi you required a ribbon, white paper, heart stickers, scissors, glue, glitters etc. Firstly cut the white papers as per your choice & then spread glue on both sides of the paper. Now sprinkle glitters on it & stick on the ribbon. Now, attached the heart stickers on the paper which is glued with ribbon. In this way, your beautiful heart designed rakhi is ready. You can also send gifts online with a beautiful rakhi to your brother’s doorstep using the delivery services of various gift portals.

Butterfly Rakhi

A butterfly rakhi design is also the best design that your kids surely love. Collect all the kids of your society & hold a competition between them to make the best butterfly rakhi. Also, announce that the kid who makes the best design will take a winning prize. Give your children some items that they need to make this unforgettable rakhi like ready-made foam butterfly stickers, glue, a ribbon, & other necessity things. For making this rakhi, simply paste the butterfly stickers on to the satin ribbon. You can also add glitters to make it more stunning. If you are confused about making these stunning designs then you can take help from the internet by seeing the youtube videos, etc.

Name Rakhi

Name rakhi is also the best rakhi design that brings a magical smile on your little one’s face. See the different videos on the internet that help you to make the best designs. To make this rakhi you need scissors, white felt papers with alphabet shapes, a ribbon, glue, & other decorative items. Now the procedure to make this design is; firstly cut the ribbon as per the length you required then spread glue on the ribbon. Now paste the letters of the person’s name for whom you want to make this rakhi. Finally, your name rakhi is ready to delight your sibling.

Cartoon Character Rakhi

Cartoon character rakhi design is the best rakhi design to please your little ones. Every kid loves cartoons. So a cartoon character rakhi is best for them that not only looks beautiful but also engages your kids. For making this rakhi, you require cartoon stickers as per your little one’s choice, kid-friendly scissors, glue, ribbon, & other items that make it more stunning. Firstly cut the ribbon, now cut the cartoon stickers in your shapes. Then paste the stickers on the ribbon with the help of glue. Yes, your beautiful rakhi is ready!

Rakhi is the festival of family & siblings so make it more beautiful by making gorgeous rakhis at your home. The above-listed points are the best DIY handmade rakhi designs for your little ones.