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Bed bugs: how to acquire rid of them?

Have you been bitten during the night?

When you wake up, you have pimples whose pedigree you realize not understand?

Do you find little black marks or blood stains on your mattress or sheets?

You may be the victim of a bed bug infestation. This harsh pest, whose adults are the size of an apple seed, is {} hematophagous {} : it feeds on human blood. The bug tends to make off from fresh and hide in the daytime (it is said to be {} lucifuge ), which makes it hard to detect. It is punaise de lit paris suitably at night that they are supple and cause broken by critical humans.

Know the bug, to bigger battle it

The bed bug is visible to the naked eye {} and has an oval, flattened body which gave it its read out “bug”. It is thanks to this agreed low zenith that it can slip into spaces as skinny as a checking account card . The slightest break in a fragment of furniture, a parquet floor or in a wall becomes a shelter for her to hide. No interior is spared bearing in mind humans stay there: apartments, hotels, nurseries, retirement homes, planes, cruise ships…

Light in color subsequent to young, adults darken and become reddish-brown and striped.

How do bedbugs come?

The bug has no wings and therefore does not fly. {} She can distress quickly, but prefers to hide subsequently she can. Finding it at home has nothing to pull off with the hygiene of the premises, categorically pretty palaces are afterward victims of it.

Most often, it is transported from one area to choice by the man himself. In his suitcase returning from a trip, in the jacket of a friend who has bedbugs and visits us… The democratization of travel, including later the allied States and Canada which are heavily infested, has contributed to the improve of this pest in France. Short-term rentals, which are utterly fashionable in major tourist cities, are then a source of mixing people who, through their movements, moreover favor those of bed bugs.

Hygiene has absolutely nothing to do following punaises de lit paris the arrival of bed bugs, thus don’t be ashamed

Having it is not a shame, thus pull off not hesitate to call upon a professional at the slightest alert, to limit its spread. see even to reach prevention in {} high-risk booming spaces such as hotels .

If the bed bug likes places frequented by humans it’s because it feeds upon them!

In recent years, we have witnessed a mighty comeback of bed bugs in Europe and France, an unfortunate consequence of globalization and the democratization of deposit travel, which promotes their money up front throughout the world.

How to detect the presence of bed bugs?

It is valuable first of all to distinguish the indices, means of detection of the bug.

The most common clues

Traces on your bedding: {} you can locate little blood stains, but with dark stains as in the photo below, which are actually the characteristic droppings of bedbugs. It should be noted that these traces can be found on the sheets, the mattress (check the seams carefully), but with upon the bed base itself.

Bites: {} At this level, we are not every equal. Some will have pimples, see major allergies in imitation of red patches and others will have no dermatological reply at all. We can in view of that not do it because it injects a dose of anesthetic saliva during its blood meal. But clearly, bites and pimples are a mighty indication of an invasion, here is what these pimples see like:

Means of detection

The bed bug’s tendency to hide and by yourself come out at night makes it hard for us to be distinct of its presence. There are next two main ways to know if you are a victim of bedbugs:

Canine detection: {} for several years, we have discovered the skill of dogs to detect the smell of sentient bedbugs, whatever their stage of evolution: from the egg to the adult stage. Some trainers have specialized in the detection of bedbugs by dogs. 95% trustworthy as soon as the “handler-dog” couple is without difficulty trained, canine detection has many advantages: it is quite quick (so it does not monopolize the room(s) for too long), it is discreet (important for establishments hoteliers), it can detect bedbugs inaccessible to humans: in a switch, below the parquet floor of your room, in the recesses of the structure of your beds… and next over it is no question reliable. We conveniently recommend using this method of detection.

Manual detection: {} this involves scanning by hand, using a lamp, every the corners of the bedding and potentially infested rooms. This method can be long, traitement punaises de lit paris and it’s quite simple to miss a bug hidden in a live, or at the rear baseboards…

Pay attention to the enthusiasm of action

At the coming on of the problem, there may be one or two bedbugs introduced, which often deceives human vigilance. The bug will lay 2 to 5 eggs per day, and the move on is slow: for practically 1 month. But all of a sudden, their number explodes and here is the reason:

As soon as the first hatchings attain their sexual maturity, the forward movement of the work then becomes exponential, and we go from a hundred individuals to several tens of thousands in 6 months if the event is not taken in hand.