Erectile Dysfunction: Is there a Cure?


Several reports abound regarding erectile disorder; most cases can be treated while others cannot. The best thing about it is that frequent erectile dysfunction can be enhanced via a type of treatment.

The Curable Reason for Erectile Disorders

First of all, there is a “reverse” cause for erectile disorder. The causes of some erectile dysfunction can be stopped like drugs that result in adverse consequences, alcohol, medicine, cigarettes. 

It can also be influenced by experiencing difficulty in relationships, being obese and even stress. Though some of these causes are more difficult to correct when you try to reduce your weight, enhance pressure, or discover methods of fixing your complicated relationships, then erectile disorder might probably disappear. 

There is another reason for having an erectile dysfunction that we can refer to as “treatable.” There are medical situations that are not curable such as depression, high cholesterol, hormone imbalance etc., but it can be better when treatment is ongoing then, erectile disorders that are developed can also be enhanced.

The Incurable Cause for Erectile Disorders

There are a few cases of erectile disorders that will not be reversed or cured, but it is possible to become secure and competently treated using erectile disorder drugs. 

Lastly, there are some cases for the erectile disorder that will not be processed or used with ED medicine Cenforce 100 which active component is Sildenafil Citrate. There are treatments such as injections, surgery, or implants which might become an option in scenarios like this.

Drug Adverse Effects

Drugs that can result in ED as adverse effects are those which portray about 25% of every scenario of erectile disorder. Maximum offenders are the kind of people with increased B.P. drugs known as diuretics, few antidepressants, particularly the SNRIs and SSRIs. Few medications for indigestion, opioid painkillers, few antihistamines, little chemotherapy, prostate cancer, and Parkinson’s medication also result in ED but to a reduced extent.

 If you know that your drug will be resulting in ED, inform the physician who administered the medication to you. They will administer another reduced dose either discontinue this medication or use another drug with reduced probability to erectile disorders.

Stimulatory Medication with Nicotine

It is possible to imagine that when you use marijuana, barbiturates, alcohol, amphetamines, heroin can assist you with sexual stimulations or certainty but the fact remains that it is contrary: every substance can let it become more tedious to achieve and preserve a pleasant erection. 

Therefore, using this medication will eventually result in failed expectations. Also, both the vaped and smoked nicotine influence your capacity to get erections, and allow it to become tedious to be sexually stimulated at first. 

When having sexual disorders, have a close look at addictions: do you take alcohol or various substances, do you smoke? If your answer is yes, there is a high probability that they are behind the problem of your erection.


Overweight and severe fat in the waist region of your body can result in erectile dysfunction by raising the probability of having type 2 diabetes, increased cholesterol, increased B.P., and everything is the reason for erectile disorders. 

Hope you are aware that overweight also reduces the testosterone level? When you have reduced testosterone, it influences your sexual drive negatively and the capacity to have erections too. 

When you are overweight, lose excess weight via eating healthy and constant exercise possess much usefulness to your health (mentally and physically), thereby enhancing your erectile defects.

Hormone Imbalance

Reduced testosterone, increased prolactin, irregular thyroid hormone, and improper cortisol positions can lead to erectile defects. 

Caring for hormone irregularities can enhance similar erectile defects signs. Example, a research work in 2004 with 51 men that has erectile defects which was caused by having increased prolactin discovered that sexual stimulations and reduced testosterone became better when the prolactin level was cared for about six months.

Obstructive Sleep Asphyxia

Erectile disorder is frequent in men that have OSA than those without (that is, 69% with 34% using 401 German men in 2009). The scientist is not sure why it is possible, but it tends to be similar to reduced blood oxygen at night.

Erectile defects resulting from OSA is reversible. Attesting to this, research work carried out in 2013 with men that have OSA, and erectile disorders were treating all night using breathing mask (CPAP) to increase reduced blood oxygen which will later enhance sexual drive.

Psychological Reasons

The brain acts as a crucial part in kick starting concrete steps that results in an erection. Which is why anxiety, past trauma experiences, complicated relationships, depression, stress, and anxiety can result in erectile disorders. In most scenarios, ED occurs because of both mental and physical health problems.

Methods of healing these issues and then enhancing ED signs include psychotherapy, depression, counseling, treating stress, and anxiety.

Increased Cholesterol

Excess cholesterol in the blood can destroy blood vessels which include those located in the penis, and result in erectile disorders

There is an excellent observation that when you reduce the increased cholesterol, you can enhance your E.D. signs. According to a research in 2014 about meta-analysis using 11 clinical trials, men that have raised cholesterol and E.D. and used cholesterol-reducing medicine known as statins such as rosuvastatin, atorvastatin, simvastatin found a 25% performance in the erectile abilities irrespective of their age.


One of the known causes of erectile disorders is riding a bike. The concept about it is taking longer time on the bike can exert so much pressure in blood vessels and nerves around the penis resulting in numbness and at times erectile disorders.

When you take the bike frequently and have erectile defects might enhance your E.D. signs. Regular bikers should get full seats that do not have a nose, and ensure the position at the right side and not tilted. 

Studies also discovered that the extended saddle is preferable than the narrow ones when it comes to maintaining the flow of blood to the penis, though padding does not make any difference.

Therefore, erectile disorder is curable, but the essential thing is the cause of it. The result of erectile dysfunction is safe to “treat” than some. If you are using the exact diagnosis, treatment, and care, ED can disappear without using drugs such as Fildena 100 (Sildenafil) or Vidalista 20mg(Tadanafil). Generic Villa is trusted place to buy Medicine for Erectile dysfunction treatment.

Note: When we are talking about curable, it means that it can be prevented or improved upon for greater good even without any drug, implants, surgerssy, and injections for E.D.


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