Festivals in North Georgia

Festivals in North Georgia is the Time to Make Money – Artists’ Awaiting Dream

Artists dream about gaining popularity and profits by showing their talent to the world. Festivals in North Georgia this weekend are great platforms to show your hidden skills & talent. However, you need to keep some patience when starting with the new journey of life!

Patricia Baranyai wrote the book that the audience has cherished. She is a popular artist selling her curated jewelry at craft shows in the United States and Canada. She has more than 25 years of experience selling her artistic jewels in craft festivals. 

Let’s know some practical tips that she shared with every artist to make money. Perhaps, helping not to waste time & effort on wrong strategies.

Do Your Homework on Local Craft Shows

It seems easy to sell your art in craft shows. However, the real scenario lies on the other side of the coin. In other words, it’s totally different from your assumption. Patricia says it’s not always true that artists will earn in big craft fairs and festivals with entry fees of $2000 and more. Many times small craft fairs have resulted in profitable results

The first work of every artist is to research for craft shows before you take the plunge. Catch events in North Georgia this weekend to explore the opportunities you can drive. See how the customers respond to the artists’ work. Don’t feel shy to ask vendors about their experience, including which craft fairs were lucky for them to drive more sales.  

Learn to Spot a Prime Location

Every time you don’t have an option to choose a booth. But whenever you get the chance, then look for a corner ( be flexible to pay extra if required). Remember the word frontage- the corners offer much frontage and always opt for a wide booth rather than a deep one. Wondering why? Booth with maximum frontage allows customers to have a large area for browsing your products.    

Pay Attention to your Booth Display

The display should be attractive. The audience should know what you’re selling from close and at a distance. Professionally made booth signage with your logo is captivating and catches crowd attention. Peppas, it’s worth investing in and leading to sales.

Bring Plenty of Stock

The newbie can end up with less stock which is a big mistake. Your booth shouldn’t feel empty; therefore, it must be flooded with your products. The more stock you’ll have, the more chances of a sale in craft festivals. 

 In case you are not aware of sales figures or confused about how much sales target you should go with the stock you carry. Here, Baranyai suggests, check how much stock it will take to design your booth display and add its half to determine sales figure.  

In the End- Market, Market, Market! 

Ask yourself what’s the utmost objective of selling your art to the audience? It’s profits! Create professional business cards to advertise your business, customized packaging for your products to throw an impression. Connect to customers in person as much as you can- all such efforts help you make money.