Winter Accessories

Find out the different Models and Types of Winter Accessories

There was the first frost tonight and you have the long walk to your work in front of you. In tights, jeans and a sweater, you stand in the hallway and reach for your thick coat and your boots. From the drawer of the hall chest, you also take out your colorful woolen scarves and bulk shawls, which not only bring color to the dreary winter day but also warms your neck comfortably. The XXL model can even be folded several times so that your shoulders stay warm. You can find out which different models are available and how you can care for the wool accessories in this guide:

Shawls, Scarves or Stoles models

As the term suggests, wool scarves and shawls are made from wool or a cashmere blend. They warm in winter, but can also be worn as an accessory on warmer days. Wool scarves are very diverse: They range from simple, long, rectangular scarves to triangular scarves, shawls or stole variants. Here is a brief overview of the different scarf ad shawls models.

The simple wool-blend scarf

Classic and functional – that’s the traditional long, narrow wool scarf. Long models can be tied around the neck several times and the ends elegantly knotted together. It looks a bit more casual if you just put the scarf over your shoulders and let it fall loosely.

The Infinity scarf

An infinity scarf has no beginning and no end; it is a closed round tube. That is why it is also called a round scarf or tube. You put your head through the hole in the middle. If the scarf is only put around the neck once, it will fall quite loosely. However, if you would prefer it to be warmer, you can flip it over several times so that the material hugs your neck. The advantage of buy scarves is that they cannot slip or fall off but stay in place.

The Crochet scarf

Crochet scarves are usually long and bulky, with loose weave in their pattern. Such scarves can also be put around the neck several times, but the pattern comes out nicer when simply folded over. These scarves are perfectly handmade and provide a natural classic look to the wearer.

The Arafat scarf

An Arafat scarf is triangular and looks particularly nice when you put it around your neck so that the tip is facing forward. Since it is close to the neck, it warms comfortably, and your cleavage also benefits from the unusual shape. At the same time, it visually stretches your upper body because it forms a vertical line that makes you appear slimmer.

The Jacquard Shawl

The Jacquard shawls are particularly large and almost resemble blankets as oversized models. Not only can you keep your neck warm, but you can keep almost your entire torso warm by simply spreading them over your shoulders. These are long shawls that are perfect to wear when you are invited to an occasion.