Five dine-in menu ideas you can create

The restaurant industry can use interactive restaurant menu QR code software to develop dine-in menus that cater to both customers and other diners.

Furthermore, the software allows the restaurant to run more efficiently while simultaneously creating menu QR codes that consumers can scan within the establishment.

Customers may quickly scan a menu QR code on the table, make an order, and pay via the restaurant’s payment interfaces.

Aside from that, a menu QR code’s flexibility allows you to design several forms of dine-in menus for any concept you have in mind.

Types of dine-in menus

Here are a few different sorts of dine-in menus you can make for your restaurant.

  1. Digital dine-in menu

A digital menu is a menu that has been digitized and can be accessed by customers by scanning a QR code.

It allows you to browse through internet menus without having to make a phone call to the restaurant branch.

A digital dine-in menu is also adaptable because you can easily update and alter the menu items for your restaurant.

  1. Static dine-in menu

A static dine-in menu is a most popular and extensively used menu. This menu is organized into sections such as salad, pasta, drinks, desserts, etc.

This menu, commonly employed by fast-food restaurants, is rarely modified during the year; therefore, the name “static.”

It’s usually printed on regular paper, cardboard, or any other type of paper that a menu is printed on.

  1. Prix fixe dine-in menu

A prix fixe menu, which is French for “fixed price,” has a set price. There are only a few options for each course on this menu.

Usually, a prix fixe menu consists of three to four courses—appetizer, salad or soup, entrée, and dessert—with two to five options.

This style of the menu can be found at wedding receptions and charity banquets.

  1. A la Carte dine-in menu

A la carte, which means “by the menu,” is a menu with individual menu items listed and priced.

Customers can make their own orders by mixing and matching things from the menu.

For instance, a diner could order a caesar salad with garlic croutons as an appetizer, a honey orange fish filet as an entrée, a pineapple smoothie, and red velvet cake for dessert.

Their orders are more expensive than those on a set menu, but they are more customized than those on other menus.

  1. Du jour dine-in menu

Du jour, which means “of the day,” is a menu that only serves meals for that day. This menu changes daily.

A Du jour menu is a type of menu that is typically found in restaurants that serve cuisines based on the freshest ingredients available at the time.

For example, some restaurants have a ‘soup du jour,’ which signifies that today’s soup is the restaurant’s specialty.


Finally, an interactive restaurant menu QR code software can be used to generate and create these types of dine-in menus.

Aside from the difficulty of creating a QR code for a dine-in menu, the program allows your restaurant to quickly manage and supervise sales statistics and gives you full data analyses.

Furthermore, dynamic restaurant menu QR code software allows you to design quickly, change, and update dine-in menus during your restaurant’s operation.

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software’s customizable capabilities can enable your restaurant to develop a visually appealing dine-in menu that customers can scan, place an order, and pay for quickly.