Forex Fury Review: The Powerful Genie of the Forex World

Forex Fury

Do you believe in Genies?

You might think we have lost our minds or our imaginations have gone wild. 

But, hear us out:

What actually is a genie? Isn’t it someone powerful to grant all our wishes and make our lives easier?

Well, Forex traders do have a genie that can make their lives easier and trading profitable. Let’s not keep you waiting and introduce you to the modern genie of the Forex arena.

Presenting the powerful and smart Forex bots, aka the genie of the modern era, for simplifying traders’ lives.

Forex bots are quite popular amongst smart traders. If you also want to join the clan of smart traders, you must find a reliable bot like Forex Fury to grow your trading account. 

Let’s quickly introduce you to Forex Fury:

What is Forex Fury?

Forex Fury is one of the smartest and fully automated Forex bots. Rypax Inc. is the company behind its creation and design. This Forex EA was created with the needs of both a beginning and an advanced trader. According to the developers, this Forex EA has a 93 percent win rate.

One of the key differences between Forex Fury and other Forex EAs on the market is that its developers do not make any deceptive claims. They provide 15 years of backtesting results to vouch for the validity and results of the robot.

Let’s take a quick glance at the top characteristics of Forex Fury 

What are the Main Characteristics of Forex Fury?

  • Super Simple to Download and Use

Forex Fury is simple to download, set up, and use. This bot does not require the user to hire someone to install it.

Furthermore, regardless of trading experience, any trader can easily utilize it and modify its settings.

Moving on to its 2nd characteristic:

  • Performs Brilliantly Across Major Trading Platforms

Many Forex EAs have compatibility problems with trading platforms. Some of them are only compatible with a specific application. Furthermore, the performance of some Forex EAs is severely affected on some trading platforms due to compatibility issues. 

Traders may need to modify their present trading platform for their EAs to function properly. However, this is not the case with Forex Fury. It integrates effortlessly with all major trading platforms.

The 3rd noteworthy feature of this Forex EA is:

  • 1 Time Payment 

Forex Fury only charges you once, unlike other Forex tools that demand monthly or annual fees.

You simply have to pay once at the time of purchase. There are no service fees, subscriptions, or monthly bills.

The 4th outstanding aspect of Forex Fury is:

  • Trend Filters for Advanced Users

Experienced Forex traders never initiate a position without first conducting extensive research. Before investing their money, they study price movements, market behavior, the impact of big news, and so on.

As a result, advanced filters and options are required for traders to understand the market. Forex Fury includes a plethora of filters. The trader can better grasp the market trend by selecting his preferred time frame.

Up next, we have the 5th feature of Forex Fury:

  • Fantastic ECN Support

Forex Fury supports ECN to assist traders in making the most of their deals. Furthermore, the smart money management system is excellent for increasing traders’ live trading accounts.

The 6th feature is:

  • Superb Customer Service for Life 

Forex Fury provides excellent customer service. A user can address his problems with customer care, and they will address them as fast as possible.

Forex Fury: Does it Work?

Forex Fury is one of the simplest Forex EAs to set up and use. When you purchase this robot from its website, you will receive an email with a download link. Along with the link, you will also receive an installation guide and a video. These materials will assist you in making your installation simple.

The installation procedure is simple. It takes less than ten minutes to download and activate your Forex Fury EA.

Configuration of Forex Fury

Forex Fury’s development team includes seasoned traders. They are acquainted with the needs of dealers. As a result, the robot is intended to meet the needs of every trader. Forex Fury’s settings are easily adjustable to suit novice to advanced traders.

BETA V5: The Most Recent Version of Forex Fury in 2022

Forex Fury developers are continually striving to provide their clients with the best features possible. They continually enhance their current features and add new ones for this reason.

The best part about their improvements is that they are provided free of charge to all of their customers. They are not required to pay anything to use the enhanced version.

In 2022, Forex Fury released its latest version, BETA V5. The creators included several extremely useful elements for FX traders. Some of the features include:

  • The developers have included the feature of enabling or disabling SL/TP.
  • The recent version also has an advanced news filter. It is super helpful for traders to keep an eye on all the major events and news.
  • Another helpful feature in the BETA V5 version is the Money Management Adjustment feature. This option allows a Forex trader to maintain consistent performance while increasing profits.
  • BETA V5 has a fierce Martingale strategy, allowing traders to safeguard their investment in unfavorable market conditions.

Is Forex Fury Lucrative?

Forex Fury is jam-packed with clever and advanced features that will assist you in growing your account and earning good profits.

Forex Fury has a 93 percent win record, according to its developers. They have backtesting data dating back 15 years to back up their assertion.

MyFXBook Forex Fury Trading Results

When Forex Fury makes a claim, it backs it up with proper evidence. Examine Forex Fury’s trading results on MyFXBook:

MyFXBook Forex Fury

It is apparent that Forex Fury helps traders increase their profits.

Forex Fury Price Packages 

Forex Fury provides two plans to Forex traders. Both plans are fairly priced and convenient for traders.

Forex Fury Price Packages


Gold Package

Diamond Package

The gold package provides a license to one live trading account and unlimited demo accounts.  The diamond package licenses two live trading accounts and unlimited demo accounts.
It is priced at $229.99 It is priced at $439.99.
This package is suitable for beginner traders. This package is popular amongst advanced Forex traders.


Forex Fury Client Reviews 2022

Hundreds of traders use Forex Fury and adore it. Many REAL traders have published their thoughts on this Forex EA on legitimate review websites such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Slashdot.

Check out the following reviews of Forex Fury on an independent software review website:

Forex Fury Client Reviews 20222 Forex Fury Client Reviews 20222 Forex Fury Client Reviews 2022

Is Forex Fury the Best Forex EA in the World?

Forex Fury’s market domination is shown by its robust features, 15-year backtesting record, and great customer service. Without question, Forex Fury is one of the best Forex bots accessible.

The Bottom Line: Forex Fury is a Powerful Genie of the Forex World

Automation has easily infiltrated every industry, including Forex trading.

Using intelligent Forex EAs will allow you to open positions even while sleeping. Furthermore, it pulls you out of the deal during a bearish market scenario.

Forex Fury is one of the most advanced and best Forex EAs available. To discover more about it, go to its website and social media accounts. It will assist you in learning more about the product, its policies, and terms and conditions.