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Front Load Washing Machines Explained

Washing machines have become an integral part of all of our lives. There are mainly two types of washers, with respect to how they are loaded: front loader and top loader machines. Here’s everything you need to know about front load washing machines.

What are front load washing machines?

A front load washing machine is different from a top load washing machine, based on the location of the door of the washer. For a front load washing machine, that is at the front of the appliance, and hence the name.

How are they different from top load washing machines?

Apart from the location of the door, there are quite a few things that set front load washing machines apart from top load washing machines. Here are a few differences.

    1. Capacity: If we compare similar sized washing machines, a front loading washing machine always has a bigger capacity than a top loading washing machine. Since it can accommodate more clothes, it proves to be beneficial especially for families with more members.
    2. Loading of clothes: In case of front load washing machines, you need to bend down to load the clothes into the washing machine. With top load washing machines, you don’t need to bend down. Thus, top loaders are more useful for the elderly who find it easier to use.
    3. Cleaning speed: Top loading washing machines feature an in-built agitator that can clean faster than front loading washing machines. The reason behind their high speed cleaning is that they immerse the clothes completely into the water.
    4. Handling of the fabric:  Front load washing machines come without an agitator which makes them slower in cleaning your clothes. But on the upside, the absence of an agitator also proves to be very useful in delicate handling of the fabrics. 
    5. Spin cycles: Another reason why front loading washing machines clean better is because they have more spin cycles as compared to top loading washing machines. They are also better at cleaning stubborn stains.
    6. Ease of installation: Front-loading washing machines have the ability to be stacked with a dryer inside the cabinet, thus taking up less carpet area. This unfortunately cannot be done with top loaders, hence they take up more space.
    7. Energy efficiency: Front loaders are also found to be more energy efficient than top loaders.
    8. Water consumption: Top loading washing machines wash clothes by immersing them completely into the water inside the washing machine. Hence, they have been found to be using more water. Front loaders on the other hand consume lesser water because of the horizontal drum present in them that uses gravity to tumble the clothes.
    9. Noise production: Front loaders having high RPM, producing vibrations that in turn produce a lot of noise.
    10. Price: On the surface, it might look like front load washing machines cost more than top load washing machines. But through their water and energy conservation techniques, they do prove to be worthy of their price in no time.

Front-load washing machine recommendations

Companies like LG, Samsung, and IFB have great front loading washing machines. Some of the front load LG washing machines come with impressive features like 6 wash programs and TurboDrum technology and are also available at very affordable prices.

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