How to Buy Gold Nose Pins Online

How to Buy Gold Nose Pins Online

The nose pin is usually gold and has a hook at the top. They can be bought from any jewellery store in the city. This blog will teach you how to purchase gold nose pins online.

What to Know When Buying Gold Nose Pins Online

Nose pins are a part of Indian culture, worn on the left side of the nose to make it look more attractive. Nose pins are also called ‘nath’ in Hindi. Nose pins come in different shapes and sizes and can be made from other materials like gold, silver, brass, copper, steel and plastic.

Some people wear a nose pin only on special occasions while others always wear it. Owning a nose pin is considered a sign of wealth in India, and there are two types of nose pins – Kundan and gold nose pin.

Kundan is an alloy that is made up of silver, copper or bronze, whereas gold is an alloy that contains gold with other metals like silver or copper for extra strength. Kundan can be worn in two ways – as a nose ring or an earring. A pair of hamsa earrings are created with hamsa symbols on the wings and a simple circular structure which sits just below the earlobe. These are often used to hold jewellery, such as necklaces and bracelets. Most importantly, they’re not just for decoration but also have a spiritual meaning.

What Materials Make the Best Gold Silver Nose Pins?

Nose pins are an essential part of any Indian wedding. There is a lot of symbolism in nose pins that people like to keep with them for life.

The best nose pins are made from gold or silver and have intricate designs. Gold is preferred because it can be made into intricate designs more quickly than silver, which is also heavier than gold.

What are the Best Designs for a Gold Nose Pin?

There are many designs for nose pins, but not all are practical and comfortable to wear. The best designs for a gold nose pin will be ones that have a unique look and feel comfortable to wear all day long. Some people might prefer a simple design for their nose pin, while others might want something more extravagant and eye-catching.

How Much Does a Gold Nose Pin Cost?

The cost of a gold nose pin in India can vary depending on the material and the design. The price of a gold nose pin can range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10000, depending on the gold’s design, weight, and purity.

If you are looking for a nose pin that is lightweight and less expensive, then you should go for 18-karat gold or 22-karat gold nose pin with a small diamond or pearl at the center. For purchasing jewellery online, visit the Melorra app by downloading it from the play store.


Knowing what materials make up your purchase is essential when you buy gold jewellery online. With so many designs and styles out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. After reading this blog, you will know what makes the best gold and silver nose pins and nose rings.