Gorakshasana Yoga and Agnistambhasan Yoga Benefits

Gorakshasana Yoga and Agnistambhasan Yoga Benefits

Gorakshasana Yoga

In state-of-the-art time, absolutely everyone wants to be in shape but we do not have sufficient time to do exercise and health club. Also, working continuously whilst sitting also affects your health. This can motive extreme pain inside the bones of your back and backbone. In one of these states of affairs, doing yoga asana may be very crucial for a healthy body.

It gives intellectual peace and physical electricity. Also, you stay glad and refreshed at some stage in the day. Many illnesses of your body can also be cured via the regular exercise of yoga. One such yoga asana is Gorakshasana, with the help of which one can reduce the signs of belly and mounds. Along with this, it additionally presents first-rate comfort to back pain and returned pain.

Benefits of Gorakshasana:

With the help of this yoga posture, there may be relief from the pain of the spinal wire.

This practice allows to digest food properly and strengthens the digestive gadget.

This strengthens the muscle groups of your legs and thighs.

It also offers a remedy inside the paint due to constipation and gas inside the stomach.

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It increases the potential of sperm in guys.

It lets you have mental peace and consciousness.

How to do Gorakshasana?

To try this yoga asana, sit on the yoga mat.

First of all, even as breathing, bend each of the knees and convey the soles nearer.

Now sit on the ft of each foot in this type of way that the load of the frame comes among the ankles.

Now whilst respiratory lower back, area both the hands at the knees.

Finally, preserve your breath and produce the chin near the chest.

After a while, respiration quite simply, come returned to the normal position.

Do no longer position an excessive amount of strain on the knees, heels, and thighs while doing yoga asana.

You can do that workout for 30-40 seconds.

Tips for doing Gorakshasana:

Practice slowly to do Gorakshasana.

This asana must no longer be executed in case of soreness.

Never put excessive stress on the shoulders or knees.

Always do warm-up earlier than doing yoga. This maintains the center muscle groups active.

After doing this asana slowly, come lower back to the starting position.

Precautions of Gorakshasana:

Do no longer do this yoga posture if you have knee aches or arthritis.

This exercise need to no longer is carried out if there’s pain inside the heels or feet.

Do not try and do Gorakshasan yoga regardless of intestinal diseases and stomach issues.

Do now not do this if there is an ache within the spine.

Apart from this, this Yogasana ought to not be practiced if there is a pain in the shoulder or neck.

Always try to do this exercise in the presence of an instructor.

Agnistambhasana Yoga

Doing yoga keeps the frame healthy and the thoughts fresh. The practice of Yogasana enables to overcome of many problems of the frame. Along with this, there is also electricity in extraordinary elements of the frame. By doing yoga in the morning, you experience wholesome and refreshed during the day. At the same time, doing yoga within the night additionally offers many benefits. One such yoga is Agnistambhasana yoga.

This strengthens the muscle mass of the shoulders and fingers. Along with this, the frame will become flexible and shapely. In this yoga posture, you practice with the assistance of your toes, which strengthens the bones of your legs and the muscle groups of the thighs. This yoga asana can also help you benefit from mental peace and consciousness.

Benefits of Agnistambhasana Yoga:

Regular exercise of Agnistambhasana yoga allows for stretching your muscle tissues.

With its help, there may be flexibility in the hamstring, calf, and adductor muscle mass.

It strengthens the backbone and also improves the posture of the body.

Problems in breathing are eliminated and the lungs are robust.

The muscular tissues of the shoulders and fingers are bolstered.

It additionally improves the digestive gadget and colic.

With the help of this yoga posture, it facilitates calm and awareness the thoughts.

How to do Agnistambhasana Yoga?

Sit on the yoga mat within the posture of Sukhasana.

Now place the left leg or knee over the proper knee and bend the right leg ahead.

During this, your foot ought to come underneath the left knee.

Breathe in and attempt to press the hips down.

Try to drag the pinnacle up and at the moment pull the shoulders down and returned.

Press the chest toward the front and slowly move the hips down.

During this try to touch the knees with the ground and maintain the returned and chest open.

While exhaling, move the body ahead but do not position pressure.

Sit to your knees and positioned your hands ahead. If feasible try and touch the head with the ground.

Now respiratory slowly, upward thrust upwards.

Now do that asana from the alternative side as well.


Do now not do that asana if you are significantly ill, or have diarrhea or belly troubles.

Agnistambhasana yoga ought to no longer be practiced if there’s pain or stiffness in the backbone, neck, or shoulders and pain within the knee or arthritis.

Do not do that yoga due to heart issues or high blood strain.

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