A Newbie’s Guide to Myntra Insider

A Newbie’s Guide to Myntra Insider

A Newbie’s Guide to Myntra Insider

One fine morning, you find yourself surfing the internet and a black pair of boots from a new brand catches your eye. All season, you’ve been desperate to get your hands on a pair just like this. Without a second thought, you decide to purchase it. Within no time, the package arrives at your doorstep. The prompt delivery and flawless product packaging completely blow you away. You’ve now fallen in love with the brand and frequently visit their website to find other incredible pieces. You swear to stick by the brand and become a loyal customer.

Online brands take great pains to ensure your online shopping experience is excellent. However, that’s not their only job. Brands such as Myntra have to work consistently to make you visit again and continue to shop from them. In order to retain loyal customers, they decide to chalk out exciting and rewarding customer loyalty programs. One such lucrative loyalty program that a fashion lover like yourself should enroll for is the Myntra Insider. 

What is Myntra Insider?

India’s no.1 online fashion retailer, Myntra, understands fashion and your need to keep up with trends like no other. It also understands how crucial user experience is and thus, goes out of the way to please customers with a smooth user interface and robust customer support. As a means to keep its loyal customers happy, Myntra kicked off its reward-based customer loyalty program, the Myntra Insider. This interesting program comes with several perks, including:

  1. Advance access to special sales events such as End of Reason Sale (EORS).
  2. Exclusive discounts and freebies from an expansive list of participating brands.
  3. Several exclusive offers on merchandise from various labels.

Since the Myntra Insider is a reward-based program, all perks come along with the rewards you earn. These rewards are measured in the form of Insider points.

How can you earn Insider points?

There are two ways of earning Insider points :

  1. By making a purchase on Myntra. Each Myntra Insider point is worth Rs 10.
  2. By completing certain activities each day. A list of tasks and the points associated with them show up on your Myntra Insider page. All you need to do is to unlock a task and complete it as per the given guidelines. You can earn a maximum of 250 points every month by completing these activities. 

How does the Myntra Insider Program work?

A registered Myntra customer with 100 Insider points is eligible for a Myntra Insider membership without having to pay any additional charges. You can even level up your Insider points and win titles such as Select, Elite and Icon, each with its special set of privileges.

How to use Insider points?

All the Insider points you receive and earn are kept secure in your Myntra account. These points can be redeemed immediately on products and other services upon checkout. Simply hit the “Apply Points” button on the payment page, and your points will be applied as a discount to your subtotal.

Why choose the Myntra Insider Loyalty Program?

“Well, what makes Myntra Insider so special?”, you must be asking yourself. Unlike any other loyalty program, you can not only collect Insider points by making purchases, but also by completing a few easy tasks. These tasks may be simple activities such as playing a game. The Myntra Insider Program is known to come up with exciting games that you can play on the app.  In fact, just last year, users were given an opportunity to earn 2000 Insider points by solving a Crossword Puzzle. 

The second interesting aspect of the Myntra Insider is that you can utilize your Insider points and get expert style advice from world-renowned celebrity stylists through the Myntra Masterclass. Each class has a devoted stylist covering a major fashion subject in about 20 to 25 minutes to help you make better fashion choices. Myntra knows how to make earning points fun and that is what sets it apart.

We think it is safe to say that the Myntra Insider loyalty program would be worth every minute of your time. Become a Myntra Insider member by registering today!