hardwood refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Identify Whether Your Needs

Hardwood floor refinishing

hardwood floor refinishing

According to the experts, hardwood floor refinishing is a noisy and dusty procedure. This means while hardwood refinishing; one must wear a dust mask, goggles and something to protect your ears. Also, there will be a requirement for sealing doorways off doorways with plastic sheeting. To avoid dust from circulating in the house one needs to turn off forced-air HVAC.

Once you are aware of the precautions, let get started with A1 Floors.

Types of hardwood floor refinishing

There are 2 basic types of hardwood floor refinishing which are explained below:

• Buffing

This is the easiest hardwood refinishing technique that can be applied if your floor just needs to get rid-off scratches. If the wood below the surface is fine, this is the best hardwood flooring refinishing technique. This hardwood refinishing process is also known as screening. Please note that the floors which have been cleaned with a bar of oil soap or are waxed, they cannot be buffed until the residue has been removed.

• Sanding and refinishing

The second type is the one where the entire hardwood flooring refinishing is required. If your floor is damaged or has become very old, you can opt for sanding and refinishing techniques. This type will give you a chance to choose another design or color for your floor and after a few years, people like to use this technique more often.

A1 Floors offers the following services where you have a wide range to select from:

1. Cleaning and Degreasing
2. Sanding
3. Staining or painting
4. Sealing with a protective coating

As per your requirements, you can choose the right service that you wish to opt for. Always remember to consult a hardwood flooring refinishing expert before getting it done on your own. A1 Floors can be the best option in such a case. Contact A1 Floors now to get the best hardwood refinishing done in your home.

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