How Can I Be Happier?

How Can I Be Happier?

Happiness can be obtained from anything. It can be when you finally finished all your pending work or when you were finally able to beat that boss or level from your favorite game. Even from the smallest of things like eating your favorite food, greetings from coworkers or classmates, and finishing an exercise. There is no definite way to get happy because it comes from all sorts of things. In spite of that, we can’t avoid feeling a little under the weather sometimes. Factors such as stress, anxiety, or tiredness can be the cause of this emotion. Just like its opposite, the feeling of sadness can also come from anything and can even come from nowhere. 

Fortunately, this feeling is not something that is inevitable. As previously mentioned before, happiness can be obtained from all sorts of things; therefore, it is not relatively difficult to feel happier as even the smallest things or happenings can make us feel joy. With that, here are some ways to feel happier:

Vent it out

There are circumstances wherein we can’t avoid but hide and keep our sadness to ourselves. But oftentimes, our bottled-up emotions can explode and can cause us extreme pain in the long term. Venting out emotions is definitely something to help us feel better and experience happiness. Whether talking it out with a close friend, writing it down, creating artwork like songs, paintings, poems, or even talking with yourself, and many other more. Instead of holding stress inside, talking things out might help you let it out. Your connections and relationships with others are strengthened as a result. These emotions that we keep to ourselves will not solve our problems but rather add more to it. Letting it out will all be worth it in the end as we feel like we’ve let go of something that has been holding us back, and we feel this happiness that we’ve been longing for.

Satisfying our Cravings

It is undeniable that satisfying our cravings will not only make our stomach and taste buds happy but also our mood. Eating, in general, has been proven to improve our mood and make us feel happier. The act of eating signals our brain, and it releases dopamine causing us to feel that sensation of happiness or joy. So yes, eating that roasted chicken, white almonds, Aglio olio pasta, or even that milkshake you saw yesterday does make you happy and has been scientifically proven. There are even foods nowadays that are created to actually make you feel happier. One example is the CBD gummies made by five. These gummies contain CBD and THC, which are guaranteed to make you feel better. 

Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, living a healthy lifestyle can significantly help us feel happier. Not only does it help us live healthier life, but it also helps us improve our quality of life. Exercising regularly and sticking to a healthy diet can contribute to helping us become emotionally stronger. Not only that, but regular exercise can also enhance happiness and self-esteem all while lowering stress, anxiety, and psychological distress. We should always keep in mind that your physical and emotional well-being are interconnected.

Laugh more

Even just watching funny videos or laughing at jokes can definitely make us feel happier. Nothing beats a good comedy movie or tv show that we can laugh at. Like what others say, laughter is the best medicine. It is contagious whenever we are with our friends or family and can significantly help us lift our mood. Your mood is improved, your pain is reduced, and you are kept away from the negative effects of stress thanks to laughter. Nothing works more quickly or consistently to rebalance your mind and body than a good chuckle. 

Happiness can be a different definition for everybody. It isn’t something that has an exact meaning to it. Like how we obtain it, it is different for everyone, and it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Someone’s happiness maybe someone’s worst nightmare and vice versa. Happiness does play a significant part in our lives and has a significant influence on how we live. It is understandable why happiness and mental health are connected when considering how healthier, happier individuals tend to have better relationships, make friends more readily, and experience more success in life. Needless to say, happiness is important due to many reasons, and it is for you to decide why.