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How do I Get More Subscribers on YouTube for Free?

Do you also have a YouTube channel and want to get more youtube subscribers?

Well, it is not an easy path to get free youtube subscribers by following the organic way. However, when done right, you can surely increase the pace by targeting the areas.

In this article, we have enlisted 12 tips which will help you in getting more subscribers. Continue reading further, to know how you can increase your reach on youtube by following the organic steps.


  • Do the cleaning first


The first step in getting free youtube subscribers is to do some cleaning work. If you are starting a channel, it is important to start anew. In case you have uploaded a poor quality or unorganized content, remove it right away. These old videos can put a bad impression on your viewers or subscribers in future.


  • Create good quality, planned videos


In order to get more subscribers on YouTube, provide your viewers with good quality videos. Not only in terms of resolution of the videos but also the words you say. Plan your videos prior to shooting them. Create a script and stick to that. This will help in saying the right words and creating a video worth watching.


  • Prepare the perfect channel trailers


Channel trailer is an effective feature which can be used to increase youtube subscribers. These are short videos which conclude your channel when someone views your channel. Keep your channel trailers attractive and perfect in order to get real youtube subscribers.


  • Manage the time limit


Studies tell that the first 10 seconds are the most important. They decide whether the viewers will continue watching the video or not. Also, the timing is a huge factor in getting more subscribers. People do not like stretched out videos. So, keep your videos short and crisp by managing their time.


  • Create series and place them in playlists


Make your videos organised and well placed. If your content is big and you have to keep them in time limit, start a series on that topic. This will give a feel or series to the viewers and their favorite topics will keep them coming back. Ultimately, it will lead to gaining youtube subscribers.


  • Utilize the Youtube tools and provide CTAs


Youtube comes with features like end screen add-ons and gift cards to help the youtubers. Use them to get more subscribers on youtube for free. These tools will work like the CTAs and provide the viewers clickable actions. You can add your other videos or playlists on the current video by using these. Learn To Use YouTube Cards In A Better Way for this.


  • Make the thumbnails worth clicking


Thumbnails are the first things your viewers see. They can decide if you will get free youtube subscribers or not. So, create customized thumbnails to attract the traffic. Make sure the thumbnails show what the video contains in order to get their attention.


  • Schedule your uploading time and days


It is important to post often and on time. Youtube algorithm keeps a close eye on how dedicated and punctual you are on your channel. In order for youtube to boost your channel so that you can get more youtube subscribers, try this step. Make a schedule and post your videos according to that.


  • Take assistance from youtube advertising


Once your channel is monetized, you can take the assistance from youtube advertising. Use the money you receive in boosting your videos. This investment is not unethical. It is not to buy youtube subscribers but to enhance your channel’s reach.


  • Promote your channel on other popular channels and platforms


If you have other social media accounts, use them to get youtube subscribers as well as you can buy Youtube subscribers. Add links on these platforms, so that you can make it easy for your followers and friends. Also, try being a part of other youtube communities and spread awareness about your channel.


  • Use contests


Put contents to incentivize your audience. These contests work more as interactive activities, then bribing actions. The contests help you drive traffic to your channel, out of which you may find the potential subscribers. This way you can get more subscribers on Youtube without really buying them inorganically.


  • Optimize your channel SEO


Last in this list but one of the most important ways of getting more subscribers is SEO. The youtube SEO helps in expanding the reach of your channel and enhances its visibility. It also helps you to rank high in the search results with the usage of suitable keywords. So, make sure to do research and proper analysis to make this step work well.

The above mentioned tips will help you to get youtube subscribers without buying them. These methods will lead to organic growth of your account too. 

Other than getting these subscribers for free, start making money on Youtube. Know about the 7 Strategies For Earning Money From YouTube.

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